Facilities Accessibility

Elimination of Barriers to Accessibility

SUNY Oneonta seeks to create environments that are welcoming and accessible to all. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that public entities having responsibility for (or authority over) buildings, streets, roads, sidewalks and other facilities meant for public use should develop a transition plan to detail their efforts in meeting accessibility standards.

In 2019 SUNY Oneonta's Facilities Planning Department conducted an self-assessment study in conjunction with Chiang O’Brien Architects, The State University Construction Fund, Campus Accessibility Services, Residence Life and a broader committee of campus representatives including persons with disabilities. The purpose of this study was to aid in the formulation of a long-term transition plan which defines a clear prioritization of accessibility issues currently facing the campus and which outlines the steps necessary to ensure their compliance with accessibility requirements moving forward.

Through this process, SUNY Oneonta evaluated its facilities to determine barriers to access for individuals with disabilities. The campus ADA Transition Plan, developed in 2020 and regularly updated, can be found in the link below and describes future planning and implementation of accessibility improvements.

In 2020, the University began implementation work towards the recommendations outlined within the self-assessment study and transition plan. Through 2024 an annual summary will be shared, at which point it will move to the biennium.

Facilities Planning staff delivered a series of outreach presentations were delivered to faculty, staff and student groups during the fall semester of 2019 . The presentation outlined the goals and objectives of the self-assessment study and detailed procedures for requesting accommodations or identifying barriers to accessibility. The presentation content can be found at a link below, and further outreach is planned for the 2022/2023 academic year.

Designees for reasonable accommodations

For Employees:
Dia Carleton

Chief Human Resources Officer
208 Netzer Admin Bldg
607 436 2509

For Students:
Accessibility Resources
607-436-2137 Email sds@oneonta.edu

For Visitors and the Public:
University Police
607-436-3550. Email campuspolice@oneonta.edu
Scott Barton, Facilities Planning
607-436-3171. Email scott.barton@oneonta.edu

Drawings illustrating preliminary accessible routes, disabled parking locations and accessible building entrances can also be seen at the links below.

For any follow up questions regarding Accessibility, please feel free to contact the Office of Facilities at 607-436-3224 or at facilities@oneonta.edu.


Campus ADA Transition Plan - PDF Matrix
Campus ADA Transition Plan - Text-only Summary

Outreach Presentation Powerpoint Version
Outreach Presentation PDF Version
Outreach Presentation Text-only Version

Campus Parking Map


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