Building Coordinators

What is a Building Coordinator?

All of our "occupiable" buildings (those that either host residents or workers) have a person identified as a Coordinator - someone who has excellent knowledge of the building, its uses, its occupants, and who is in a position to answer questions or concerns about it. Coordinators play a role in emergency preparedness, have frequent contact with Maintenance & Custodial staff, and are always involved with any construction or other modifications to the structure.

Building Coordinators
Building Coordinator
Alumni Field House Ryan Hooper
Alumni Hall Lachlan Squair
Blodgett Hall Mike Farmer
Bugbee Becky Miller
Chase Phys Ed Kim Fierki
Curtis Hall Kaitlyn McKenzie
Cooperstown Campus Bill Harman
Emergency Services Building William Henn
Facilities - 322 West Phil Bidwell
Fine Arts John Bagby
Fitzelle Hall Mark Davies
Ford Hall Collette Morris
Golding Hall George Archundia
Grant Hall Riley Quigley
Hays Hall Lucas Staubach
Health Center Melissa Fallon-Korb
Heating Plant Brian Murray
Higgins Hall James D'Amico
Hulbert Hall Mike Farmer
Human Ecology Reece Allen
Hunt Union Robb Thibault
Huntington Hall Cappagnia-Lynne Chase
IRC Dave Geasey
Lee Hall Bill Grau
Littell Hall Unique Hodge
Macduff Hall Scott Robinson
Matteson Hall Nate Tweedie
Mills Hall Bart Liberatore
Milne Library Darren Chase
Morris Conference Center Graig Eichler
Netzer Admin Sue Clemons
Perna Science Leigh Fall
Physical Science Kelly Gallagher
Red Dragon Outfitters Diane Williams
Schumacher Elizabeth Dunn
Service Building MOC Morgan Mckee
Sherman Hall Purvi Dudhedia
Tobey Hall Erika Spranger
Welcome Center Karen Brown
Wilber Hall Mckenzie Deno
Wilsbach Hall Christine Edwards
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