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SUNY Oneonta offers 15 study abroad and exchange programs, international internships in 11 locations, and many short-term faculty-led programs through the Office of International Education (OIE). The short-term faculty-led programs offered throughout the year are courses taught by SUNY Oneonta faculty for credit and include cultural experiences and, often, service-learning opportunities. Oneonta students also have access to more than 1,000 study abroad, exchange and international internship programs through the SUNY network!

For SUNY Students (Oneonta and other SUNY students) applying to an Oneonta Program:

  1. Click on the red "Start Your Adventure Now" button below to create an account, then choose and apply to an Oneonta Program. After acceptance, go into the OIE Global Portal and click "Commit", then complete the required forms (including Course Approval Form).

For SUNY Oneonta students AFTER you are accepted to a different SUNY program (non-Oneonta programs):

  1. Click on the red "Start Your Adventure Now" button below and create your student account in the online OIE Global Portal.
  2. Then go to "Programs" and search for "Other SUNY Programs" (use the search bar to type it in). Select the "Other SUNY Programs" option, click "Apply", and choose the correct term/semester in order to complete the required Oneonta forms (Course Approval Form & Program Info).

All Oneonta students studying abroad must submit a Course Approval Form in-person to the Office of International Education.

If interested in a non-SUNY program, students must contact the OIE for help determining whether you can receive course credit for the program and to complete the correct forms.

Start Your Adventure NoW (Program match & Apply)

Only select "Other SUNY Programs" in the OIE Global Portal if you have been accepted to a non-Oneonta SUNY program.
SUNY Oneonta Programs:
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