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Updates on Planning for the Fall Semester

I know that the SUNY Oneonta campus community is increasingly anxious to learn how the 2020-2021 school year will begin and what exactly that will look like.

In a nutshell: we are creating a proposal now for SUNY to review next month, and the state of New York will decide later this summer if and under what conditions students may return to college and university campuses.

Yesterday, the college’s senior leadership groups — both the President’s Executive Council and Cabinet — began discussing the pros and cons of the seven scenarios our campus has been analyzing. Those conversations will help me determine the best way to proceed. By June 6, I will submit our proposal for the fall to the SUNY chancellor.

SUNY Oneonta’s proposal will consider how we will:

  • fulfill our obligations to our students and their families, our employees and our community;
  • meet our mission — we nurture a community where students grow intellectually, thrive socially and live purposefully — no matter what; and be ready for events to unfold in ways that we cannot foresee right now.

To turn our proposal into a plan, we will need SUNY’s input and the state’s approval. Gov. Cuomo said earlier this month that he hopes to announce in July the degree to which campuses across New York can be open when the new school year begins.

Although the college cannot move ahead by itself, we will be prepared for whatever parameters SUNY and the state set for us. I will share those as soon as I can.

All of us look forward to regaining the vibrancy that only students can bring to our campus. We are at our best when we are pursuing our vision to become the exemplar residential community, providing relevant educational experiences in and outside of the classroom. Ultimately, that is what we want to do.

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