Big O' Poetry Slam

Big O' Poetry Slam
Big O' Poetry Slam
Big O' Poetry Slam

Poetry Slam Association

The Poetry Slam Association of SUNY Oneonta, is to be responsible for the organization, preparation, and promotion of all activities and events associated with poetry, collaborating to build community, inspire innovation, exalt tradition, invigorate creativity, encourage leadership and cultivate enlightenment in the art of spoken word, while maintaining an aesthetically dynamic, interactive and conscious' atmosphere among the student body.

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The Big O - Poetry Slam!

Founded | October 24, 2001

Slam Founders

Big O' Poetry Slam co-founders Jamie Manning and  Robert Haggerty  pose between the "Daddio" of poetry slam, Marc Smith (center) and two-time Oneonta Slam champion (2002, 2003) and Big O' Poetry Slam co-founder George
Castle (far right)

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Our Mission

  • building community by bringing people together who ordinarily do not share the same space and break down barriers between people to foster understanding and empathy.
  • inspiring people to practice the art of writing, recitation, and performance while offering a supportive environment to freely exercise creative expression.
  • featuring extraordinary performance poets from across the nation.
  • developing teams for participation in intercollegiate poetry tournaments.