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Faculty FAQ's

Adoptions are due 4 - 6 weeks prior to the first day of student registration. This allows the SUNY Oneonta Online Bookstore Team adequate time to check publisher availability and communicate problem titles prior to students ordering.

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) has provisions to reduce costs to students while supporting instructors’ ability to select high-quality course materials. HEOA requires that course book information be made available to students before they enroll in a course. SUNY Oneonta complies with HEOA by asking faculty to submit course adoptions to their Online Bookstore so they can be listed accordingly. This act requires that textbooks be listed as accurately as possible prior to the first date of student registration.

Providing book lists to the Online Bookstore before the deadline makes it possible for us to buy back textbooks at premium pricing for your students at the end of each semester and offer them at a discount in the future as used or rental textbooks.

Log in to your myOneonta faculty portal. Select Textbook Adoption Tool under the Faculty/Staff links. Select Course Search and choose the course you wish to update.

To add an adoption, select the Add Adoptions button under Course Adoptions Details. Enter the 10 or 13-digit ISBN in the ISBN/UPC/Product field and choose the Importance level. Select Add Adoption to add the product to the course.

Adoption reminders will be sent out via email to all instructors and administrators assigned to a course. If you have not submitted adoptions or your adoptions have not been approved, you will receive two email reminders prior to the adoption deadline. Once a course is approved, the reminders will cease. You will receive a final email after the adoption deadline if you did not submit adoptions.

The FAST system receives automatic updates from SUNY Oneonta. The information shown for your course in FAST is the information we receive directly from the Registrar. Canceled courses, course names, course sections, instructors and enrollment are all part of this automatic integration. If you do not see the courses listed in FAST that you are responsible for, please email your Online Bookstore Team and let them know which courses are not listed.

Until an adoption is added to a course, or “Textbooks are not required for this course” is selected, each course will default to “Textbooks to be determined” status. This allows SUNY Oneonta to remain HEOA compliant, while also informing the students to check back at a later time. If books are added after the deadline, a course will automatically be marked “TBD” for 24-48 hours, until the SUNY Oneonta Online Bookstore Team can confirm publisher availability. You will only be notified if an issue with the adopted text exists

You can view your past adoptions by selecting the Adoption History button located under the Course Adoptions Details bar. Simply check the box adjacent to the ISBN you wish to add and select Add Adoptions.

If you wish to adopt an item for your course that is not in our product catalog (custom books, course packs, foreign titles, calculators, lab coats, clickers, etc.) – just select the Click here link to send your SUNY Oneonta Online Bookstore Team a message. We ask that you provide us all information you find because it will be helpful when adding this book or product to our catalog. After this item is created, we will add it to the course on your behalf and send you a confirmation email once this is complete.

Course adoptions will remain the same per course, not per instructor. If an instructor changes for a course, the adoption submitted will remain listed for that course. The new instructor may change the previously listed adoption if they do so before the adoption deadline. The new instructor must email the SUNY Oneonta Online Bookstore Team if they wish to change adoptions after the deadline.

No, you may add the same book to several sections by entering the item into one course. After you have added an adoption and approved it for one section, select the Copy All button and choose the course(s) you wish to duplicate this adoption(s) to.

Adoptions can only be removed through FAST before the deadline. To remove an adoption, select the black and white X to the right of the book comments box. To remove adoptions after the deadline, you must email your SUNY Oneonta Online Bookstore Team. This allows our customer service team to contact students who may have already ordered the item.

Prices and purchasing options can be reviewed by using the Adoption Tool on the dashboard at the top of the FAST page. Enter the ISBN in the search bar, then select Details.

After you add an adoption to a course, you may add a book comment in the white text box to the right of the item you listed. To view how these comments will appear to your students, select the Preview button above the Course Adoptions Details bar.

After a book is added to a course, a Request Desk Copy button will appear below the white book comment box. You can also search any book in the Adoption Tool at the top of the FAST screen and request a desk copy by selecting the Details page. After a request is submitted, the SUNY Oneonta Online Bookstore Team will receive an automated email and request the textbook directly from the publisher on your behalf. Please note, desk copies are distributed at the discretion of the publisher and are never guaranteed.

Students have the option to ship to their home or to the campus shipping and mail service center, Dragon Express. Students who attend SUNY Oneonta receive free expedited shipping when selecting to ship their orders to campus. Students who select to have their orders shipped to their home will receive free standard shipping on all orders over $59. Orders placed through our Marketplace are excluded from all free-shipping promotions.

Your SUNY Oneonta Online Bookstore Team is available to answer any questions you may have. You can email us at

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