Marisa Codi

Marisa Codi
Fonda, NY
Year of Graduation

Halfway through her college career, Marisa Codi was forced to rethink her path when the small private college she was attending, Cazenovia, closed. Transferring to SUNY Oneonta allowed Marisa to continue her education seamlessly and find a new place to call home, thanks to supportive faculty and staff and a smooth transition process.

Why SUNY Oneonta?

Marisa Codi at CANO

SUNY Oneonta was one of the schools that partnered with Caz and offered to take in students after they closed. I looked at a lot of schools when I was trying to figure out where I was going to go next, and of all the schools that had my program, Oneonta stuck out to me. From the beginning, Oneonta tried to make the transfer process for us Caz students as smooth as possible. I met with staff who ensured all of my credits were accounted for and that I would still be able to graduate on time. They were so helpful! My friends from Caz also came to Oneonta and we were all able to room together in a suite. Everyone we met made us feel welcomed.

Best Experiences

Although I’ve only been here one semester so far, I’ve had the opportunity to do some pretty cool things. Some of my fellow transfers and I approached the head of our Art and Design department about the possibility of starting up a way for students to sell their work. At our old school, we held annual student and community art sales that we always felt were super beneficial for teaching important life skills. We were able to connect with CANO, the Community Arts Network of Oneonta, and have a table at one of their winter craft sales. It was a great experience, and I look forward to being a part of similar events in the future.

When I’m not getting ready for art sales, I also enjoy exploring the hiking trails around College Camp! My friends and I love to head out and walk the trails, they’re such a beautiful part of SUNY Oneonta that I feel like not enough people talk about.

Marisa Codi College Camp
Marisa Codi College Camp
Marisa Codi College Camp

About My Major

The professors I have met have been great! They have helped make this transition smooth.

I look forward to continuing the connections I am making.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

After college, my dream job would be something that allows me to be creative every day as well as teach and help others. I think I want to go on and become an art teacher when my time at Oneonta is done, as well as continue to pursue my own personal art projects. I’ve always liked helping others and love the idea of helping kids learn to love the arts just as much as I do!

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