Vito Giambanco

Vito Giambanco
Long Island, NY
Year of Graduation

From the time senior Vito Giambanco was little, helping out at his family’s pizzeria on Long Island, he has been fascinated with businesses, how they work and how they thrive.

As a Business Economics major at SUNY Oneonta, Vito’s passion for business has only grown, because he now knows why things work the way they do.

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I applied to three different schools, but Oneonta was the only one I visited. I fell in love with the scenery because it was so different than where I’m from. The mountains are so beautiful. Also, a friend of mine went here, so I knew a bit about it from him. When I visited, all of my expectations were met and even exceeded. It wasn’t too small, with the opportunity to meet a lot of people, but not too big either, as you can become close with people and really get to know them.

OnMark table at Club Expo

My Activities

OnMark, our collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA)

Best Experiences

Joining OnMark has been a big part of my college experience. The club opened up so many opportunities, sharpened my people and professional skills, and allowed me to travel. As vice president last year, we went to Chicago for AMA’s Annual International Collegiate Conference and were named one of the Top 15 Collegiate Chapters of the Year, out of more than 400 competing universities. This year, I’m president of OnMark, and we’ll be traveling to New Orleans for the annual conference.

Vito Giambanco presentation
Vito Giambanco & Bobby Lang present Research on Student Attendance and Attitudes of our University Sports

What do you like about your major?

Because SUNY Oneonta is not too big and not too small, I’ve been able to build real relationships with my professors, which makes all the difference in the world. I genuinely feel that they understand me and the path I’m trying to take, and I have a sense of being nurtured while also being pushed. Right now, I’m interning for one of my professors who owns a small newspaper, reporting on local businesses and what makes them tick.

In my spare time, I work in downtown Oneonta as a server at Tiger Asian, where I’m able to put the knowledge I’ve learned in the classroom – from hospitality to consumer behavior to organizational behavior – to the test. Through OnMark, I’ve also been able to help small businesses in the city with advertising and social media, which is rewarding.

Favorite Professor

Associate Professor of Management Barbara Durkin. She is an amazing professor – she gives tough love and it’s because she wants you to do amazing. She gives you all the resources you need to do well. I’ll always remember her.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

After graduation, my family plans to expand its business and bring our authentic New York pizza to a new location: South Carolina. I’ve come a long way since answering phones and working the counter. I’m looking forward to taking everything I’ve learned at Oneonta and using it to better the family business. Someday, I hope to own my own restaurant, and with the skills and experiences I’ve had at Oneonta, I am confident that I will be prepared to work toward that dream, one step at a time.

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