Wilden Bruce

Wilden Bruce
Paradox, NY
Year of Graduation

Wilden Bruce’s big dream is to make it behind the scenes on the big screen. With a dual major in Communication Studies and Business Administration, he is eager to pursue a career as a movie producer, director or a talent agent – “someone who can facilitate dreams and make people’s dreams come true.”

Why SUNY Oneonta?

Wilden Bruce

I chose SUNY Oneonta because I really liked the feel of campus when I came here for a tour. Where I come from, my hometown is very rural, and we're in upstate New York. Walking around Oneonta felt like home with all the trees, mountain views and hills, nice cool summer breeze and then that little bit of a harsh wind in the winter.

Why Communication Studies and Business Administration?

Wilden in Alumni Hall

I chose my majors because I've always wanted to be in the film industry and the entertainment industry. I wanted to be an actor originally but thought something a little more versatile would be best. So, I decided to do business, and I want to pursue a business-related position in the entertainment industry.

I have the Communication Studies part of my degree that I can apply to TV, radio, broadcast, anything of that sort. Then I have the Business Administration with the Marketing concentration. So overall, I feel that setting my degree up in this way will give me countless opportunities when I start my career.

Favorite Classes?

Wilden Bruce

I would say, so far, Principle of Microeconomics with Napoleon Tiapo, and he has done an excellent job making economics seem understandable to someone who might struggle with some math-related topics. He makes it so you want to show up to class and learn how to apply economics to everything in the world.

I also really like Theater Appreciation with Professor John Bagby. Some may not think that theater has anything to do with being a good businessperson, but I would argue in the opposite. Knowing how theater affects the way we can successfully communicate to an audience has given me a lot of insight that I could use on stage or in a conference room. I feel a class like that helps you in the long run.

What Will You Remember in 10 Years?

What I will remember most is a little bit of a cliché, but it will be what I learned. There are multiple parts of college life. There's the educational life and there's social life, and I've done a good bit of both. I feel in 10 years, the knowledge that I have learned only in my first semester here will truly help me in my future career. What I think will stick with me are the professors and how they taught me everything that I need to know, and how I've used that knowledge and built upon it.

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