Housing Options

Front entrance of Tobey Hall.

All newly admitted first-time, full-time freshmen who are single, under 21, and do not live with custodial guardians are required by the college to live in a residence hall for the first four semesters of college.

Building Style

Double style halls
These halls have double or "Oneonta Triple" rooms and a common bathroom shared on each wing

Quad style halls
A quad room is designed to house four students.

Suite and apartment style halls
A suite room is designed to house six students.

Medically Required Accommodations

With advanced notice and appropriate documentation, the Office of Residential Community Life can make medically required housing accommodations. Please review the following guidelines, and then download the appropriate form for your request. The form must be completed and signed by your medical professional who is prescribing the accommodations.
Guidelines for Application for a Medically Required Accommodation
Medically Required Single Room Application
Other Medically Required Accommodations
Guidelines for Requesting a Medically Required Service or Assistance Animal
Application for a Medically Required Service or Assistance Animal

Individual Room Plan

The Individual Room Program (IRP) is a designed double-occupancy room that houses only one student. This program is limited and may not always be available. For more information, call the Office of Residential Community Life, 607-436-3182.

Room Change Waiting List

Current students may file a request for a room change, via our Room Change Waiting List Form. The Room Change Waiting List is available by clicking here. This form is for current students who would like to be offered a change in their room assignment. Spaces may not be immediately available, and all waiting list requests may not be able to be accommodated.

**PLEASE NOTE** a group of students requesting a new accommodation must only submit one request with all student's names included. Multiple requests for the same group or students are not required.

Returning Students Requesting An Incoming Student as a Roommate

Current students may file a request for an incoming student to be their roommate, via the New Student Request form. The form is currently being developed, and will be available soon. On campus students will receive an e-mail when the form is available. This form will be for current students only.

**Completion and submission of this form does not reserve the space in your current assignment, nor does it prevent another student from selecting into that space. The Residential Community Life office will work with you in order to accommodate this request as space allows.

Students who currently live off campus

In 2019-2020, Huntington Hall will be offline for an extensive renovation project, resulting in the temporary loss of 211 beds. Current students who reside off campus, therefore, are not permitted to participate in Room Selection. There is a waiting list form available to complete so that if space becomes available, we will know that you want on-campus housing. Completion of the waiting list form does not guarantee that you'll be offered on-campus housing. The waiting list form can be accessed here: Off Campus Waiting List Form

Off-Campus Housing

The Office of Residential Community Life provides information to help students meet the unique challenges and opportunities of off-campus living.

Other resources include:

For students who have legal questions pertaining to their lease, security deposit or any other issue, the college’s Student Association can provide a referral to a local attorney as an avenue to receive legal guidance to help students with their specific situation.

Note: In the event students are faced with unsafe living conditions of any kind, they should immediately call the City of Oneonta Code Enforcement Office/Health Inspector at (607) 433-3435.

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