Life of the Mind Faculty Showcase

2023 LOTM XIV Faculty Showcase

Spotlighting the research and scholarly/creative activity, teaching, service and varied integrated contributions made by our faculty to the intellectual life of the campus community and beyond.

Wednesday, November 15 (noon-5pm)
& Thursday, November 16 (8am-5pm)

Craven Lounge, Morris Conference Center

2023 LOTM Program Book

List of Presenters

Brian Alexander (Cooperstown Graduate Program): Museum Finance: Issues, Challenges, and Successes

Ashley Allen, Jacob Warner (Geography & Environmental Sustainability), James Reardon (SUNY Oneonta Alumnus): A Geospatial Analysis of Sinkholes and Structural Inequity in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Gustavo Arango (World Languages & Literatures): Advocacy for a Posthumous Novel

Jody Aultman, Reece Allen, Arienne McCracken (Human Ecology): Chaidrology

Olivia Avanzato (Student Affairs): M-Power: Movement for Mental Health

Mary Lynn Bensen, Sophia Dunne, Michelle Hendley, Anne Moore, Sarah Rhodes, AJ Sanders, Heather Stalter, Lori Wienke (Milne Library): Faculty Publications in The Alden Room

Wesley Bernard (Art)): Bovine Symbiosis

Antoine Blanc (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Ryan Baker (SUNY Oneonta alumnus), Jessica Shaw (u/g student): Synthesis on Solid Phase of Potential Antiviral Synthetic d-Hpi Melicoptelines C and D

Andrew Bottomley (Communication & Media): I Want to Be Bored: Sleepcasts and New Modes of Podcast Listening

Sophia Dunne (Milne Library): Framing Futures: Uniting Freshman English Class with Library Archives for Campus Connection and Transformation

Charlene Foley-Deno (Accounting), McKenzie Deno (Facilities): Pioneers~Trail Blazers~History Makers

Hugh Gallagher (Physics & Astronomy), Melissa Marry (University of New Hampshire), Benjamin Weir (Kroll Bond Rating Agency), Omar Mazariego (SUNY Oneonta alumnus), Jacob Ghiorse, Andrew Lutz, Ryan Sliwinski (u/g students): Characterizing Seiche Activity in a Backyard Pool

Katherine Griffes (Sport & Exercise Science), Kelsey Turrell (SUNY Oneonta alumna): Counselor Observations of Behavior Change in Pre-Adolescent Girls Participating in a Sport and Life Skill Development Camp 

Katherine Griffes (Sport & Exercise Sciences), Luke Svrcek (u/g student): Giving the Leaders What They Need: Identifying the Challenges of Being a Student Athlete Leader at the Division III Level, and Suggestions for Teaching Leadership

Mette Harder (French): Insurrection on Trial: Punishing Anti-Parliamentary Violence in the French Revolution

Les Hasbargen (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences): Building Flood Resilience in Otsego County

Jeffrey Heilveil (Biology): Twenty years of change: Population persistence and genetic diversity in an eastern North American aquatic insect from 2001-2021

Shahin Kachwala (Women’s & Gender Studies): The Gendering of Secularism in Contemporary India

Richard Kauffman (Psychology), Sean Massey, Mei-Hsiu Chen, Wangshu Tu (Binghamton University): Disproportionality in Exclusionary Discipline and Graduation Rates for Students with Disabilities in NY Schools

Richard Kauffman (Psychology), Sean Massey, Mei-Hsiu Chen, Wangshu Tu (Binghamton University): Exploring Disproportionality in Exclusionary Discipline Procedures in NYS Schools

Adam Kent (Music): Keys to Colombia

Chien-Wei (Wilson) Lin (Business), Dipankar Rai (Le Moyne College): The Effect of Perceived Economic Mobility on Consumer's Brand Role Preference

Robert Lockamyeir (Psychology), Curt Carlson (Texas A&M University-Commerce): Mock Jurors' Evaluation of Eyewitness Identification Evidence Based on Appearance Change and Associated Instructions

Arienne McCracken (Human Ecology), Sara Jablon-Roberts (Johnson & Wales University): Adaptive Fashion on Social Media: A Content Analysis of Posts and Comments on the Zappos Adaptive Facebook Page

Scott Maguffin (Earth & Atmospheric Science), Connor Hanington (u/g student): Climate Change and Its Potential to Affect Rice Grain Arsenic and Micronutrient Composition: A Roadmap for Research

Bethany Marx (Theatre): Eight Days to Open: Costume Design on an Accelerated Timeline

Maria Montoya (World Languages & Literatures), Kimberly Stevenson, Tanya Reyes (u/g students): Dragons’ Incubator through Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Joshua Nollenberg (Physics & Astronomy): Ring Particle Dynamics Around a Triaxial Ellipsoid: The Dwarf Planet Haumea

Florian Reyda (Biology), Katerina Sawickij (graduate student): Parasites of the Northern Everglades, Florida Fishes: Bangham, 1940 Revisited

Chilton Reynolds, Ed Beck, Racheal Fest (Faculty Center for Teaching, Learning, & Scholarship), Jacqueline Bishop (Communication & Media), Matthew Munson (Career Development Center): Linking Course Materials and Career Competencies

Roberto Rincon (Africana & Latinx Studies): The Quest for Recognition: Black Political Activism in Southern Mexico

Dorothy Rombo (Human Ecology), Penina Kamina (Elementary Education & Reading): Squaring the Hole: Applying Ubuntu Principles in a Western Context

Sean Shannon (Business): Living in the Zone. Using Richard Rothstein’s “The Color of Law” and Residential Zoning Maps to Teach Business Law and the Legal Framework of Residential Segregation

Gina Solano (Secondary Education and Educational Technology): Getting Started with Micro-credentials: Paving the Way Using Digital Badges in Your Course

Dan Stich (Biology), Kari Minissale (grad student), Aaron Henning (Susquehanna River Basin Commission): Understanding Distribution of American Eel in Upper Susquehanna Watershed

Christine Storrie, Kipoti Kitissou (Economics): Minimum Wage and the U.S. Gender Wage Gap: A State-Level Analysis

Christine Storrie (Economics), Cynthia Bansak (St. Lawrence University), Julie Smith (Lafayette College): Teaching Student-Driven Modules in Macroeconomics Classes

Robert Sulman (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics): The Root Tree of a Three-Cycle Forest

Ying Tang (Educational Psychology, Counseling, & Special Education): Trauma-informed School Counseling

Trudy Thomas-Smith (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Mason Lampron (u/g student): Comparison of Colored Dissolved Organic Matter in natural Waters of Upstate New York

William Walker (Cooperstown Graduate Program): Jesse Cornplanter: Seneca Artist and Storyteller

Jacob Warner (Geography & Environmental Sustainability), Kaustubh Thirumalai, Lael Vetter (University of Arizona): Reconstructing Hydroclimate from Snail Stable Isotopes (δ18O) in Arizona - Preliminary Results

William Wilkerson (Political Science), Alana Jeydel (Fresno City College): Why Aren’t More Women on the Gubernatorial Ballot?

Diana Willis (Communication & Media): High Seas, Elite Taste: Fine Dining and the Framing of Distinction by Global Cruise Lines

Xue Xue Yang (Elementary Education & Reading): Teacher Candidates’ Knowledge and Beliefs of Learning to Teach EBs and Its Impact on Curriculum (In Progress)

Kiyoko Yokota (Biology): Otsego Lake Science Update – August 2023

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