Student Research & Creative Activity Showcase

The annual SRCA Showcase of student research and creative work provides the opportunity for students to take part in supportive, academic conference-style presentation sessions and for the campus and community to learn about our students’ research projects and scholarly/creative work.

Student Research & Creative Activity (SRCA) Showcases



Gladstone Fluney Hutchinson '83

"Lessons from Economic Empowerment and Global Learning Projects"


Gladstone Fluey Hutchinson '83

 Gladstone Fluney Hutchinson '83, Ph.D. is a specialist in the economics of developing and emerging-market countries. He served as director-general and executive chairman of the Planning Institute of Jamaica, reporting to the prime minister and overseeing the country’s first long-term development plan, Vision 2030. For this work, Dr. Hutchinson was awarded the Prime Minister's Medal of Appreciation for contributions to the economic and national development of Jamaica. Hutchinson is an associate professor of economics at Lafayette College and former Dean of Studies. He founded Lafayette College’s Economic Empowerment and Global Learning Project (EEGLP), bringing together teams of students and faculty from a spectrum of disciplines in collaboration with communities, to advance residents’ ambitions and build human capital. The EEGLP has been featured as a thought leader by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Keynote Address Abstract


2023 SRCA Day Event

The 2023 SRCA Showcase kicked-off April 26th with a keynote address by alumnus Gladstone 'Fluney' Hutchinson '83. Student presentations were held in person over two days and spotlighted 70 diverse presentations of student research and creative activity projects.

Listing of presentations by session.

Listing of SRCA projects including abstracts.

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