Criminal Justice

SURC 2018 Sociology
Briana Camassa presents her poster at the 2018 SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference.
Criminal justice major Alexis Bolesky confers with Judge Lucy Bernier during an internship at Oneonta City Court.
Criminal justice major Alexis Bolesky confers with Judge Lucy Bernier during an internship at Oneonta City Court.

Designed to prepare students for employment and/or further study in criminal justice occupations, SUNY Oneonta’s Criminal Justice program has a “criminological” focus, concentrating on the causes and consequences of crime, community relations, and the analysis of criminal justice policy. Recent graduates of the program are pursuing careers or further study in fields such as law enforcement, corrections and crime policy.

Our Criminal Justice major is ranked No. 8 on the career-planning website's list of The 10 Best Colleges for Criminal Justice Majors in New York.

Because the program is under the Sociology Department umbrella, students who are unsure of their career plans have the flexibility to switch to a track of the Sociology major if their goals change, such as a student who decides to go to law school (liberal arts track) or become a prison counselor (human services track). Occupational training, such as firearms use and self-defense courses, is not part of the program and does not generally transfer into the major from other schools. All Criminal Justice majors are required to complete an internship.


Department of Sociology

Matthew Neubauer
What will I remember in 20 years? Being SUNYAC champ in long jump, and all the friends I’ve made through the Oneonta State Emergency Squad and through my team, and through taking classes together. Honestly just the atmosphere here – everybody here is so nice, and the landscape is just amazing.
Angie Mendez
Studying abroad in Thailand has been my favorite experience because it broadened my horizons and helped me get out of my comfort zone. I had never heard of people studying abroad there, so that’s why I chose it.
Jahaira Santos
I transferred here from a two-year college. I chose SUNY Oneonta because an adviser told me Oneonta’s a good school for education and teaching, and that’s what I thought I wanted to do. Now my major is Criminal Justice, and SUNY Oneonta is also a good school for that!
Jamal Wiltshire
I met my friend group freshman year in Hulbert Hall. We literally all just bonded and connected, and we’re still friends. We used to move to the same dorm every year together. We still have Sunday dinners off-campus just to stay close with each other.