Strategic Plan


SUNY Oneonta unites excellence in teaching, scholarship, civic engagement, and stewardship to create a student-centered learning community.


SUNY Oneonta will be recognized as a leader in challenging and empowering students to identify and achieve ambitious goals. We will ensure a quality and affordable education emphasizing ethical, critical, and creative thinking for our graduates to succeed in a diverse and changing world.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Increase students’ engagement throughout their collegiate experience.


  1. Develop a “Degree of Distinction” that recognizes and rewards students for leadership, engagement, and independent learning.
  2. Formalize a Center for Teaching Excellence to serve as the focal point of activity for advancing teaching, learning, and engagement.
  3. Improve first-year student academic engagement.
  4. Increase opportunities for students to be mentored.
  5. Recognize faculty and staff for exceptional advising and mentoring.

Goal 2: Promote inquiry, service, and scholarship.


  1. Craft a distinctive identity for SUNY Oneonta that highlights our values and achievements.
  2. Develop college-wide essential learning outcomes including creative, critical, and ethical thinking.
  3. Expand community engagement and service in the curriculum.
  4. Enhance and broaden communications that highlight faculty, staff, alumni, and student accomplishments.
  5. Strengthen and grow student and faculty research and creative activity.

Goal 3: Broaden access to SUNY Oneonta’s exceptional and affordable educational programs.


  1. Develop a robust advising system beyond course planning that enhances student completion and success through faculty-student interactions.
  2. Implement a strategic enrollment plan to address sustainable enrollment growth and further diversify the student body.
  3. Increase four-year graduation rates to meet the SUNY chancellor’s goal of 60% by 2020.
  4. Increase students’ financial literacy and reduce their loan debt at graduation.
  5. Strengthen SUNY Oneonta as a safe and welcoming learning and living environment where everyone is valued.

Goal 4: Strengthen the college’s financial sustainability.


  1. Prioritize academic and student services spending to strengthen enrollment and promote student success.
  2. Generate and allocate new revenue to enhance academic and student services.
  3. Restore annual operating reserve to 15% of state support by increasing revenue and operating more efficiently.
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