40 Students Get Hands-On Research Experience

SUNY Oneonta’s campus is anything but quiet this summer, with 40 students engaged in research projects covering a wide array of disciplines, from anthropology to sport sciences. With the help of 16 faculty members, students from 15 different majors are getting hands-on experience, working in the lab, mentoring local children and more. They will present their projects during a special research showcase Sept. 8-15 in the Hunt College Union.

New Student Resources

We’re excited that you’re joining our Oneonta family in the fall! From orientation dates to planning your fall course schedule, here’s what you need to know about getting ready to start your Red Dragon life.

SUNY Oneonta Among Money.Com Best Colleges

UNY Oneonta is ranked No. 114 on the Money Best Colleges in America 2022 list, which recognizes colleges and universities across the country that have a record of helping students graduate and launching graduates into jobs with above-average wages. Schools were ranked based on an analysis of 24 success metrics in three areas: quality, affordability and outcomes.

Study Abroad is Back!

After two years of canceled flights and postponed itineraries, SUNY Oneonta students are once again able to travel internationally and take part in life-changing study abroad programs across the world. More than 20 students are studying abroad this summer, with more set to leave in the fall.

Field Excursion in the Rocky Mountains

SUNY Oneonta students from two separate disciplines, geology and biology, teamed up this summer and put their skills to the test during an 18-day field trip to the Rocky Mountain region. Led by Associate Professor of Paleontology and Geology Leigh Fall and Biology Professor Donna Vogler, the trip gave 12 students the chance to learn first-hand about the flora, fauna, formations and ecosystems in Colorado, Arizona and Utah.


I chose to stay local for college because I already had a network of family and friends here and knew I could get a great education. I was also a straight-A student and was able to get quite a few scholarships and aide. My best experiences at SUNY Oneonta were really in the classroom. I loved Dr. April Harper and took all of her classes, and she became so much more of a friend and colleague to me after I graduated and gave me such great advice.
Twenty-five years ago, SUNY Oneonta alumnus Bill Karins made his first television appearance on the college’s weekly, student-run “Red Dragon News” program. Today, you can see him in action any day of the week by turning the channel to NBC News, MSNBC or NBC News Now, where you’ll find him reporting on the nation’s weather as the chief meteorologist for MSNBC.
Kristin Lee is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in the Intensive Care Unit at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital. She earned her undergraduate degree in dietetics at SUNY Oneonta and then completed our one-year (three-semester) online M.S.-Nutrition and Dietetics Program in May 2022.
SUNY Oneonta and the business major absolutely helped to get me where I am now. Not just the classes, the classes, of course, are important, but also the networking. You meet a lot of people, and networking, I would say, is one of the most important things when people want to do business. If I hadn’t been here, I wouldn’t be expanding the company to New York at first, but this is such a great location and there’s so much opportunity here.
Faculty and Staff
Assistant Professor of Fashion and Textiles Bharath Ramkumar begins each class by leading his students in a five-minute meditation encouraging them to focus on their breath and positive affirmations for the day.
I originally came to SUNY Oneonta for the education program because I had heard such good things about how much experience you get in the classroom. … But I quickly realized that my passion is more working one-on-one with kids. I’ve always been interested in psychology, too, so that’s what brought me to the Human Development and Family Studies major.
Growing up where I did, I worked at Howe’s Caverns and always loved walking through the caves and exploring. That helped me realize Earth Science was what I wanted to do. I definitely want to teach middle school earth science in a rural school district.
Caroline Shannon completed the M.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics program in May 2022 and landed a job as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at A.O. Fox Hospital and Nursing Home in Oneonta, NY, soon after, in part because of networking and connections developed through the program. She also earned her undergraduate degree in dietetics at SUNY Oneonta.
My plan is to work as an artist for a while and have that experience, and then get my teaching certification and be an art teacher. My dream would be to open my own school someday and give kids the chance to have more fine arts training.
I sometimes think back on all the obstacles I had to overcome and feel satisfied that I’m able to sit in a classroom learning about the subjects I’m passionate about. And when I think of the future, standing at my graduation and having that opportunity to tell my parents that I’ve made it, gives me such a great feeling.
Morgan Brown graduated from the School Counselor M.S.Ed. program in May 2022 and will start her career as a school counselor at an elementary school in Dutchess County, NY, in fall 2022. She says one of the best aspects of the graduate program was being part of a small cohort (eight students) who got to know one another and grew together as a team, both personally and professionally.
Faculty and Staff
Obstacles I faced were not having the knowledge of how college really works and the challenge of learning everything first hand instead of someone giving me advice.

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SUNY Oneonta is located in Central New York in the city of Oneonta (pop. 14,000),
about halfway between Albany and Binghamton.
Freshman-to-sophomore retention rate: 75.50%
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Six-year graduation rate: 74.3%
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