Psychology Articulation Agreement - SUNY SCCC

Schenectady County Community College AS Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Sciences-Psychology to SUNY Oneonta Psychology

SUNY Transfer Course Equivalency Table
Schenectady Course # Schenectady Course Title Schenectady Credits Oneonta Course # Oneonta Course Title Oneonta Credits
ENG 123 College Composition 3 COMP 1000 Composition 3
ENG 124 Literatures & Writing 3 LITR 1000 Themes in Literature 3
FYS 100 First Year Seminar 1 INTD10E Elective 1
HIST 125 & HIS 234 Western Civilization to 1715 or World Civilizations since 1700 OR [1] HIST 100 or HIST 101 Western Civilization I or Western Civilization II
HIS 232 & HIS 127 World Civilization to 1700 Western Civilization [1] HIST 10E or HIST 101 HIST Elective & Western Civilization II
PSY 200 Statistics for Social Science 3 PSYC 3000 Research Methods in Psychology I 3
PSY 121 Introduction to Psychology 3 PSYC 1000 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY 224 Abnormal Psychology 3 PSYC 3720 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 226 Social Psychology 3 PSYC 2660 Introduction to Social Psychology 3
Restricted Psychology Electives 6-7 Psychology Electives 6-7
PSY 230 Child Development OR EPSY 240 Childhood Psychology
PSY 222 Developmental Psychology OR PSYC 240 Developmental Psychology
PSY 223 Adolescent Psychology EPSY 250 Adolescent Psychology
SOC 121 Sociology 3 SOC 1001 Introduction to Sociology 3
Behavioral Social Science 3 Behavioral Social Science 3
Arts Elective 3 Arts Elective 3
Foreign Language 3 Foreign Language 3
Restricted Social Science Elective 3 Social Science 3
Literature Elective 3 Humanities 3
Science Electives 7-8 Science Elective 7-8
General Electives 6-8
Total Credits Transferred 62

[1] Civilization - Choose One Course Set - 6 credits (A)

Total Credits Transferred: 62

Remaining credits for BS (47LA; 12 UPPR): 58

The Second two years of the program will be completed at SUNY Oneonta. If accepted to SUNY Oneonta, students will be advised by faculty on courses to take for degree completion.

Students should use this list as a guide for course-to-course equivalencies. The courses included in this list are for advisement purposes and should not be considered contractual. These courses are part of an articulation agreement; if a student is not enrolled in this specified degree program at their transfer institution, they cannot expect to complete the remaining course of study at SUNY Oneonta within 2 years. Students may contact a transfer counselor at SUNY Oneonta or their current institution with any questions about these courses.

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