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The Art Galleries at Oneonta are dedicated to the exhibition of fine art and are a cultural resource for both the College and the Community. A wide range of diverse art is shown throughout the year, complemented by gallery talks and workshops.

SUNY Oneonta features two art galleries: the Martin-Mullen Art Gallery, and the Project Space Gallery.
The galleries also serve as a student forum, hosting the Annual Juried Student Exhibition each spring and multiple student proposed solo and group exhibitions in the Project Space Gallery, providing valuable exposure and experience to our students by showcasing their best work.

Exhibitions 2018-2019

July 27- August 10, Martin-Mullen Art Gallery, Voice 14, ArcOtsego, reception, and awards July 27, 5PM  Summer hours 11:00- 2:00PM
September 4-October 19, Martin-Mullen Art Gallery, The Floating World, by Jian Cui
September 10-October 5, Project Space Gallery, Jean Parish Memorial Scholarship: 2017-18       Student Recipients Exhibition
November 8-December 18, Martin-Mullen Art Gallery, CONTINOUS FLOW, by Leslie Parke   
January 21-March 8, Martin-Mullen Art Gallery, Recent Prints, by Evan Summer 
February 7-March 15, Project Space Gallery, Works by Tawan Wattua, curated by Pearlie Rose S. Baluyut, Ph.D., Lecturer of Art History
April 8- May 11, Annual Student Juried Art Exhibition,  Martin-Mullen Art Gallery, reception April 12, 5-7PM  Award ceremony 6pm.
Student Exhibitions: Project Space Gallery and Gallery Lobby 
Multiple student exhibitions selected throughout the year to be announced.

Gallery Hours

HOURS, M-F 11:00AM - 5:00PM also by appointment and for special events.
Closed between exhibitions and during college recesses.
Check the official college calendar for dates.
Parking: Visitor parking permit required
Admission free

Gallery Staff & Contact Information

Gallery Director: Tim Sheesley
Tel: 607-436-3456
Administrative Assistant: Cheryl Schwarting
Tel: 607-436-3456

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