Global Connections

Faculty-lead study abroad programs:

Winter 20XX (alternates with the Bahamas program)


Flag of Japan

Course: BIOL 273: Global Study in Conservation (Fall on-campus component) + BIOL 271 Global Study Practicum (Winter travel component)
Credits: 2 + 2
Typical Travel Dates: late December  – mid-January
Contact: Kiyoko Yokota,; Paul Lord (

Winter 20XX+1 (alternates with the Japan program)

The Bahamas

Flag of the Bahamas

Course: BIOL 394: Tropical Flora of The Bahamas 
Credits: 1 
Travel Dates: 
Typical Travel Dates: late December  – mid-January
Contact: Tami LaPilusa,; Sean Robinson, Sean 

Exchange program:


Flag of Japan

Biology in English Program, Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU)
Duration: academic year or Spring semester (Students are not able to do a Fall semester as the TMU Fall semester overlaps with the beginning of the SUNY Spring semester.)
SUNY Oneonta Biology majors who have completed introductory core courses in biology can earn credits towards the 200/300 level biology ELECTIVES by completion of equivalent biology courses at TMU. Required 200/300 level courses (e.g., BIOL 212/269, BIOL 393, other Track-specific required courses) must be taken at SUNY Oneonta. Japanese language and culture courses for international students are also offered in English, which may count towards general education or general electives at SUNY Oneonta. All course equivalencies are contingent upon approval by SUNY Oneonta.

Contact: Kiyoko Yokota,

BIOL 132 section 01 and BIOL 282 in Spring 2021 had Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) activities within their regular coursework with biology students and faculty at TMU.

Past event

TMU-SUNY Oneonta Biology Symposium, February 21 (Fri), 2020, 10 am - noon & 5-6 pm, Craven Lounge, Morris Conference Center, SUNY Oneonta

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