Business Department - Mission and Diversity Statement


The School of Liberal Arts and Business enables undergraduate students to exercise their intellectual capacity, acquire disciplinary knowledge and analytical skills, value diversity in people and ideas, and develop ethical decision making abilities. The School is committed to continuous evaluation and improvement in the areas of the curriculum, faculty development, scholarship, and service.


The vision of the School of Liberal Arts and Business is to advance increasing recognition of the excellence of its undergraduate business, accounting and economics programs among those offered by public and private four-year comprehensive colleges in New York State and the region.

Key Goals

  1. To maintain a learning environment of the scale that assures highly accessible faculty, teamwork, and applications of information technology.
  2. To provide rigorous academic majors in business administration, professional accounting, and economics for students interested in academic excellence as well as personal growth and development as preparation for employment or graduate and professional studies.
  3. To offer programs reflecting a liberal arts foundation and a solid understanding of the economics discipline as a sound basis for understanding the business disciplines.
  4. To engage students in a curriculum that values and promotes ethical behavior and instills in students an appreciation of responsible management principles and sustainability.
  5. To augment instruction with an array of co-curricular opportunities and preparation for career opportunities.
  6. To serve New York State by providing students with the flexibility, heightened perception, and understanding that will permit and encourage adaptation to changes in the global economy.
  7. To recruit and sustain highly qualified faculty in support of the School's mission who are committed to excellence in instruction, scholarship and service.
  8. To pursue service that benefits the programs and reputation of the School, SUNY Oneonta, and the community.

Values Statement

  • Reputation
  • High quality undergraduate education to prepare for careers and additional education
  • Breadth of educational content that permits flexibility
  • Understanding of the economics discipline as a sound basis for business disciplines
  • Promotion of understanding economics and business as necessary for informed citizens, consumers, business professionals, and educators
  • Scholarship and professional development are complementary to and supportive of instruction
  • Service activities that benefit the programs and the reputation of the School, SUNY Oneonta, or the community
  • Ethical decision making and multicultural understanding
  • Responsible management education and sustainability


The School of Liberal Arts and Business has addressed diversity and cross-cultural topics throughout the curriculum for many years. The School of Liberal Arts and Business is part of a campus community that values diversity; is committed to recruiting and retaining diverse faculty, staff, and students; and fosters a learning environment which draws strength from, celebrates, and honors diversity.

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