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IMPORTANT UPDATE: . The college and DOH have approved students returning to face-to-face internships as long as the employer agrees to host the student. The student and the host site must check the local DOH guidelines and agree to comply with any DOH guidelines.

Submitting a request to receive credit for an internship is now facilitated through Handshake. If you are requesting credit for an internship, please follow these steps.

Step One: Plan ahead.

It is important to confirm that you can complete an academic internship during the semester you would like to earn credit. It takes time to secure the internship, complete the required submission process, and obtain all the necessary approvals needed to get registered. Talk with your faculty sponsor in your major to confirm your eligibility and gain their support in being your sponsor. The faculty sponsor is responsible for evaluating the academic assignments for the internship and issuing you a grade. Discuss academic assignments that are appropriate for your major, your experience, and the academic credit you hope to earn. This is also a good time to begin drafting the Application and Learning Agreement and secure the course syllabus, If applicable. Check with your faculty sponsor to determine if you should attach a copy of your Degree Works.

Application and Learning Agreement

Step Two: Formalize your internship.

Speak with your employer/site supervisor and discuss the duties and tasks you will be required to complete the internship. At this time, you should also secure the correct contact information for the site supervisor as outlined in the Application and Learning Agreement. Your duties and all of the contact information must be included in your Application and Learning Agreement.

Before you initiate the submission process, review the Application and Learning Agreement with your faculty internship coordinator and your host site supervisor.

Step Three: Initiate the submission process in Handshake.

You can’t start the process and save it so be prepared to complete the request in one sitting. This part of Handshake is not mobile friendly and is best done on a laptop or desk top.

Log into your Handshake account using your Oneonta single sign on credentials. You can skip the profile. Click on Career Center on the upper right-hand side of the screen or in the middle. Click on Experiences.

  • Click on the blue box that days Request an Experience

  • You will be brought to a screen called DETAILS

  • ONLY complete the questions that have an asterisk beside them.

  • Click on the Arrow to the far right under the Experience Type box.

  • Click on 2021 Internship Application

  • Do the same thing for term and click on the term during which you will be conducting the internship

  • In the Employer box, you can click on the arrow and see if your employer is already in Handshake. If not, you can type the name of the employer (business name) into this box. BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE NAME OF THE EMPLOYER OR THE BOX ERASES.

  • In the Job box, type in intern. BE SURE TO CLICK ON IT OR THE BOX ERASES.

  • Scroll down to approvers

  • Type in the email of the faculty sponsor, site supervisor, department and dean. (LINK). (You input the faculty sponsor twice.)

  • Under General answer all 4 questions about yourself

  • If you choose an in-person internship, you will be forwarded to an acknowledgement form. Read and answer each question.

  • Everyone must also read and agree to the Student Responsibilities Form

  • Click the green box at the bottom that says Request an Experience

  • You will be brought to a new page that says Your Experience was successfully created but you aren't done!

  • Click on the left-hand side blue box that says New Attachment

  • Upload your completed Internship Application and Learning Agreement form. Please name all of your documents using this convention: lastname.firstname.internshipapplication and lastname.firstname.syllabus.

  • Next, click the green Create Attachment box

  • There is a glitch in the system and the screen may look like it is still attaching.

  • If you X out of that tab, or click on the original tab that should be open, you will go back to the Overview screen.

  • If you have a syllabus and Degree Works to attach, follow the same process. Once you have completed your request, the Career Development Center will either start the approval process or will be in touch with you if any changes need to be made to your request.

Step Four: Check your Handshake account to monitor the approval process.

You will also receive emails from Handshake as approvals move forward. When the Career Development Center gives final approval of your experience request this means your internship is registered.

Helpful links:

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