Award Recipients

Student Grant Program for Research and Creative Activity

Funded by the College at Oneonta Foundation and the SUNY Oneonta Alumni Association

2018-2019 GRANT AWARDS
Student[s] (Faculty Sponsor[s], Department): Project

Fall 2018 Application Round Awardees:


Zea Beckwith (Wesley Bernard, Art): Homeless Heroes ($1,250)

Gina DiGiovanni, Gillian Suzzan (Yoko Takagi): Sub-Cultures in the U.S.: Research on Parental Beliefs About Children's Developmental Goal ($1,400)

Joshua Garufi, Heather Noulis (Katherine Lau, Psychology): Attitudes Towards Police ($1,016)

Connor Hatton (Allan Green, Chemistry & Biochemistry): Regulation of Lipolysis by AMPK ($1,964)

Dylan Joyce (Andrew Bottomley, Communication & Media): Student Produced Video Series ($1,400)

William Leahy (Matthew Hendley, History): Interwar Social Policy in Hong Kong: a Comparison of Hong Kong Governors, 1919-1941 ($1,600)

Katherine Martinez (Sean Robinson, Biology): Population Genetic Structure of the Flowering Plant Diapensia lapponica (Diapensiaceae) in the Northeastern Alpine Zone ($1,420)

Madison McQueeney, Athena DeCarmine (Jody Aultman, Human Ecology): A Study in Surface Design ($1,600)

Elizabeth Meaney (Bharath Ramkumar, Human Ecology): Marketing Sustainability of Textiles at SUNY Oneonta ($1,250)

Emilie Mull (Alejandra Escudero, Foreign Languages & Literatures): Website for Spanish Phonetics in the Target Language ($710)

Caleigh-Shea Murphy (Jill Fielhaber, Biology): HSF1 Mediation of Cytotoxic Effects when Exposed to High Levels of Zinc ($2,100)

David Ndambuki (Junryo Watanabe, Biology): Characterization of Novel Genes Involved in Removing Apoptotic Debris ($2,100)

Kailey Nuccio (Vicky Lentz, Biology): Effect of MIF and BAFF on B cell Survival ($2,100)

James Pasquino (Heike Geisler, Chemistry & Biochemistry): Graphene Nanocomposites Used to Detect CA 19-9 ($1,900)

Nicole Pedisich [graduate student] (Jeffrey Heilveil, Biology): Population Genetics of the Knobbed Salmonfly, Pteronarcys biloba (Newman), in New York State ($2,100)

Nicholas Reyes (Vicky Lentz, Biology): Monoclonal Antibody Production Against American Eel Immunoglobulin ($2,100)

Tashae Smith [graduate student] (Gretchen Sorin, Cooperstown Graduate Program): History and Interpretation of Slavery in Upper Manhattan ($2,000)

Laiken Whittredge (Wesley Bernard, Art): For All The Things I Can’t Explain ($1,300)

Abigail Williams (Alexandra Nicolette, Human Ecology): Vegan Coconut Milk Yogurt with Increased Dietary Fiber and Protein Content ($820)

Chumin Wu (Ho Hon Leung, Sociology): Documentary Photo Essay on Zhaoyang Village, Southern China ($2,100)


Wesley Bernard (Art): ART 310: Basic Photography ($625)

Andrew Bottomley (Communication & Media): MCOM 220: Digital Storytelling ($850)


Howard Ashford (Africana & Latino Studies): Shadow student September Schaffer ($500)

Maria Chaves-Daza (Africana & Latino Studies): Shadow student Olivia Edgar ($500)

Katherine Lau (Psychology): Shadow student Victoria Blydenburgh ($290)

Yoko Takagi (Psychology): Shadow students Alisha Williams & Molly Champagne ($500)

Spring 2019 Application Round Awardees:


Tayler Baldwin (Emily Riddle, Human Ecology): Effectiveness of Methods Used to Teach the Translation of Evidenced Based Research into Practice in Undergraduate Dietetics Students ($600)

Sarah Callan [graduate student] (Erik Stengler, Cooperstown Graduate Program): Visitor Perceptions and Expectations of Botanic Gardens in Relation to Controversial Science ($1,450)

Cassandra Carl [graduate student] (Sarah Karas, Milne Library): Crisis Literature as an Emerging Subgenre of Young Adult Literature ($787)

Kathryn Dragan [graduate student] (Erik Stengler, Cooperstown Graduate Program): The Continued Human Interest in the Macabre and How Museums can Respond ($2,050)

Hannah Harby [graduate student] (Elizabeth Bastiaans, Biology): Inbreeding and Genetic Effects among Adult Wood Turtles (Glyptemys insculpta) and Offspring in Upstate New York ($2,100)

Danielle Swierczyna (Allan Green, Chemistry & Biochemistry): Does AMPK Stimulate or Inhibit Lipolysis? Effects of an Inhibitor ($1,266)

Lauren Venditti (Jacqueline Bruscella, Communication & Media): The Effect of Gender Stereotyped Advertisements on the Women of the Advertising Industry ($1,674)

Nathan Viechweg (George Hovis, English): “Whoolly Bear” Short Film ($1,618)


Wesley Bernard (Art): ARTH 221: History of Photography ($1,000)

Andrew Bottomley (Communication & Media): MCOM 340: Participatory Media ($700)

Gregory Fulkerson (Sociology): SOC 352: Rural Sociology ($1,000)

Brian Lowe (Sociology): SOC 390: Senior Seminar ($1,000)

Timothy Newton (Music): MUS 280: VOCI Chamber Singers ($1,000)

Christine Storrie (Economics, Finance & Accounting): ECON 216: College Fed Challenge ($1,000)


Allan Green (Chemistry & Biochemistry): Shadow student Angel Villarini ($250)

Andrew Bottomley (Communication & Media): Shadow student David Jimenez ($740)

Joshua Nollenberg (Physics & Astronomy): Shadow student Stephen Hatalla ($250)

Joshua Nollenberg (Physics & Astronomy): Shadow student Edgar Ochoa ($250)

Rahul Rastogi (Communication & Media): Shadow student Miquela Quiles ($280)

Gayane Torosyan (Communication & Media): Shadow student Emily Hard ($250)


Brandon Hitchcock (Angela Migues, Chemistry & Biochemistry): Campus-based research ($2,300)

Eduardo Lopez (Kelly Gallagher, Chemistry & Biochemistry): Campus-based research ($2,300)

Connor Manion (Antoine Blanc, Chemistry & Biochemistry): Campus-based research ($2,300)

Carolyn Navarro (Jeffrey Heilveil, Biology): Campus-based research ($2,220)

Ashley Germosen Rosa (Jill Fielhaber, Biology): Campus-based research ($2,300)

Chumin Wu (Ho Hon Leung, Sociology): Off-campus research with faculty mentor ($2,300)

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