Committee on Research

A major objective of the Committee on Research is to encourage faculty and student research and creative activity on campus and to enhance that aspect of the educational mission of the College.

The Committee is charged with:

  1. Facilitating the Student Grant Program for Research and Creative Activity, including reviewing applications and making awards.
  2. Supporting Student Research and Creative Activity (SRCA) Day.
  3. Reviewing policies and new initiatives and providing feedback to key stakeholders.

    Student Grant Program for Research & Creative Activity

    Call for Applications - Spring 2022

    Applications to the Traditional, Shadowing, and Course-based tracks will be accepted throughout the spring semester, and awards will be made on a rolling basis. Applications received after April 15 will be reviewed in fall 2022.
    Applications to the Summer Fellowship Track are due by March 25.

    Traditional Track: Funding is awarded each semester for students to conduct original research or creative work with faculty sponsorship, or to work on a faculty research team (*NEW*). Separate application materials are to be used for undergraduate student projects and graduate student projects (10 percent of allocated funding is available for graduate projects), and for individual projects and team programs. Budget requests are dependent on application type, as detailed in the guidelines.

    Shadow Track: Funding is intended to broaden student engagement in research/CA, whereby a student with little-to-no experience joins a faculty member’s research/CA endeavor as an “observer” or a junior team member. Budgets can include up to $500 for project expenses, plus stipends for both the faculty mentor and the ‘shadow’ student. 

    Course-based Track: Supports activities that expose students to the breadth, depth, and application of scholarly/creative work. Faculty can apply for funding of up to $1,000 for a variety of activities that would enhance the research/creative element of an AY 2022/23 course. 

    Summer Fellowship Track: Supports undergraduate students to participate in summer research/CA, including campus-based independent research/CA with faculty mentorship, research assistantships for campus-based faculty projects, or off-campus directed field work or other research/CA endeavor with a SUNY Oneonta faculty mentor. Applicants may apply for funding up to the maximum allowed for the specific type of summer research experience, as detailed in the program guidelines (student fellows are eligible for on-campus housing at no cost). Applications for Summer Fellowships are due by March 25.

    More information and application materials for the above funding tracks

    Link here for Student Grant Program fiscal orientation.

    Also available is travel funding for students to attend and/or present projects at discipline-specific regional, national and international scholarly conferences, supported through the D'Antonio Undergraduate Student Travel for Excellence Program and the Student Travel for Excellence Fund

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    SUNY Oneonta is an institutional member of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR).

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    Contact Us

    Tracy Betsinger (on sabbatical spring 2022)
    (Anthropology; term expires 2022), x3394

    Thomas Beal, Chair
    (History; term expires 2024), x3362

    Mette Harder
    (History; term expires 2023), x3262

    Toke Knudsen
    (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics; term expires 2023), x3726

    Elio Santos
    (Psychology; term expires 2024), x3221

    Ex officio:
    Kathy Meeker
    (Grants Development Office), x2632

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