Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Majors & Programs

Program Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with a B.S. in Earth Science, Geology, or Meteorology should be able to:

1. use critical thinking and problem-solving skills;
2. demonstrate effective scientific communication;
3. apply qualitative reasoning skills;
4. apply quantitative reasoning skills;
5. assess societal relevance of the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences; and
6. evaluate connections among the components of the Earth System.


Earth Science B.S.

Earth science is a broad discipline that includes the study of the materials, processes, and evolution of the Earth’s global systems—air, water, ice, minerals, rocks, and fossils—and the interactions of these complex systems. SUNY Oneonta’s Earth Science program introduces you to these concepts and the ever-increasing impact of human activities on Earth. You’ll take courses in geology, meteorology, oceanography, astronomy, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, and develop problem-solving, communication and information-processing skills necessary for many entry-level positions. This major is most commonly pursued as a dual major with Adolescence Education Earth Science, a comprehensive program that prepares you to teach Earth Science at the high school or middle school level.

Geology B.S.

The science of geology includes everything from plate tectonics and the processes that shape Earth’s landscapes to the interactions of humans with the environment and sustainability. With increasing concerns about environmental problems and our growing demand on natural resources, SUNY Oneonta’s Geology Program will offer you the challenge of field studies and lab experience, while you investigate problems of global, regional and local significance. Our major in geology is a professional geology licensure-qualifying program. New York and many other states require the licensing of geologists to ensure quality and integrity in dealing with environmental and resource problems.

Meteorology B.S.

Meteorology, the science of the atmosphere, is more than just weather prediction. Meteorology majors also study climate change, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, and atmospheric pollution. Meteorology majors at SUNY Oneonta are prepared to enter the world as true scientists. Our rigorous program prepares students for a variety of careers in both the private and public sectors, where a growing awareness of environmental problems and concerns is creating increased opportunities for graduates with atmospheric expertise. Our curriculum includes all the courses necessary to prepare students for federal government jobs in meteorology, as well as courses necessary for the American Meteorological Society certification programs in Consulting Meteorology and Broadcast Meteorology.

Adolescence Education: Earth Science Major (in cooperation with the Department of Secondary Education and Educational Technology)


Climate Science Minor

Earth Science Minor

Geology Minor

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