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About the Program

Earth science is a broad discipline that includes the study of the materials, processes and evolution of the Earth's global systems (air, water, ice, rocks and minerals, and life forms) and their interactions. SUNY Oneonta’s earth science program introduces students to these diverse, but interrelated, areas and the ever-increasing impact of human activities on Earth systems.

The program includes courses distributed in geology, meteorology, oceanography and astronomy, plus one year each of introductory chemistry and physics, an introductory statistics course, and one additional selection in mathematics. Earth science majors develop problem-solving, communication and information-processing skills necessary for many entry-level positions, especially those requiring science and technology awareness. The program is not intended to train professional earth scientists. The college’s geology  and meteorology majors are designed to prepare students for these specific disciplines. 


Small class sizes allow for a close rapport between faculty and students, with plenty of opportunities for mentoring and advisement on course selection, academic expectations and career options. Outside of the classroom, earth science majors do research projects with faculty, travel to academic conferences, attend department seminars and workshops, and get involved in a variety of student clubs. Every year, alumni of the program return to campus to network with students at the Earth Science Majors Night, where several scholarship awards are presented.

Major Requirements


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Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Department


Madeline Every
Definitely I will remember the trips and experiences I have had through the Earth and Atmospheric Science Department. This semester, I'm taking two four-hour field trips a week, along with ones on weekends. It’s amazing not only getting to go to these beautiful places and understand what's going on there, but getting to go with my best friends and professors that I've had now for four years has been really great, and it really makes it a fun, kind of family-trip experience.
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