geology students in desert
Field Geology of Plate Boundaries course
geology students in desert
Field experience in the Mojave Desert
GEOFYRST students explore Vroman's Nose
GEOFYRST pre-semester field experience for new students

About the Program

The science of geology encompasses the Earth, from plate tectonics to the processes that shape landscapes. With increasing demand on natural resources and growing concerns about environmental stress, geology offers the challenge of field studies and lab experience, while investigating problems of global, regional and local significance.

SUNY Oneonta’s geology program includes 44 credits in the major, plus one year each of mathematics, chemistry and physics. It is one of three undergraduate majors offered by the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences. Majors in meteorology or earth science are also available.


Geology students get many opportunities to practice their skills outside of the classroom, including independent research, faculty-led field courses in the western United States, local field tips, and travel to regional and national geology conferences. New freshmen and transfer students have the chance to develop field skills before the semester even begins, through GEOFYRST, a unique, six-day, pre-semester camping trip exploring the geology of New York and the Northeast.


Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Department


Dan Westman
I think I'm probably going to remember a lot of my friends in the geology program. I switched into the major during the second semester of my sophomore year, which was very late, and it's a very credit-heavy major. So I've been taking a lot of classes with a group of guys who are a year under me. We’ve had maybe eight or nine classes together at this point. Everybody keeps each other in check, and it's just everybody helping everybody out. It's a really cool thing.
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