School Counselor K-12 (M.S. in Education)


The School Counselor program leads to initial certification in School Counseling as recognized by the State Education Department of New York. A Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) program is also available at SUNY Oneonta for School Counselor students pursuing graduate work beyond the Masters degree toward permanent school counselor certification. Students will apply both developmental and intervention models to the total development of students as unique individuals within educational settings. Students also learn to become a leader in the school and advocate for educational equity for all students.

Degree Requirements:

  • Students must attend a pre-practicum orientation meeting during the semester before they expect to enroll in CNED 596.
  • A Comprehensive Examination (See department for guidelines). Students may take the Comprehensive Exam no more than two times.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Students must complete all degree requirements within six years and complete a minimum of 33 s.h. in residence.

Core Requirements
CNED 500 Introduction to School Counseling 3 s.h.
CNED 502 Career Development 3 s.h.
CNED 516 Statistics and Research Methods for Counselors 3 s.h.
CNED 525 Measurement and Appraisal for Counselors 3 s.h.
EPSY 530 Human Development Across the Life Span 3 s.h.
CNED 540 Counseling Theories 3 s.h.
CNED 541 Counseling Techniques 3 s.h.
CNED 545 Counseling Services for Students with Special Needs 3 s.h.
CNED 560 Group Counseling 3 s.h.
CNED 561 Counseling Services for Children and Adolescents 3 s.h.
CNED 565 Self, Culture and Society in Counseling 3 s.h.

Additional Requirements
CNED Approved Elective 3 s.h.
CNED 596 School Counseling Practicum 3 s.h.

Total 39 s.h.

Admission Requirements:

  • Submit a completed application and the non-refundable fee. Application Fee Waived for SUNY Oneonta Alumni.
  • Evidence of completion of a bachelor’s degree in a functionally related area consisting of a minimum of 18 s.h. of behavioral and social science courses, including at least 12 s.h. in psychology and/or educational psychology and 6 s.h. in anthropology, sociology, or related studies.
  • Have an undergraduate grade point average of 2.8 overall.
  • Submit two professional letters of recommendation.
  • For those who meet the above, have a personal interview with members of the Counselor Education faculty.
  • Submit an essay outlining your specific academic areas of interest and your career goals. See application for details.
  • Application deadline: May 8
  • Fall admission only
  • Personal Recommendation Form
  • Report of Academic and Professional Abilities - Counselor Education


Graduate Tuition and Fees