Faculty & Staff

Ashley Allen photo

Ashley Allen

Assistant Professor
Milne 322, 607-436-3379

B.A. Oklahoma State University,
M.A. University of Wyoming,
PhD. Louisiana State University

Courses taught

GEOG 100

Introductory Geography

GEOG 210

Economic Geography & Sustainability

Benjamin Y. Dixon

Benjamin Y. Dixon

Associate Professor
Milne 321A, 607-436-2247

B.A. Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania,
M.A. University of Kansas,
PhD. University of Oklahoma

Courses taught

GEOG 100

Introductory Geography

GEOG 225

Population Geography and the Environment

GEOG 240

Cartographic Principles

GEOG 250

Historical Geography of the United States

GEOG 394

SpTp: Advanced World Geography

Trevor Fuller photo

Trevor Fuller

Associate Professor & Department Chair
Milne 317A, 607-436-3398

B.S. Purdue University
M.A. Indiana State University
Ph.D. University of Illinois

Courses taught

GEOG 100

Introductory Geography

ENVS 101

Environmental Science

GEOG 241

GIS: Principles and Methods

GEOG 244

Environmental Applications of GIS

GEOG 260

Geography of U.S. and Canada

GEOG 294 SpTp: Environmental Justice
GEOG 341 GIS: Advanced Methods
Justin Hartnett photo

Justin Hartnett

Assistant Professor
Milne 321C, 607-436-3448

B.S. Coastal Carolina University
M.S. University of South Florida
Ph.D. Syracuse University

Courses taught

GEOG 100 Introductory Geography
GEOG 201 Physical Geography of Global Environments
GEOG 201 Environmental Issues
GEOG 232 Coastal Zone Management
ENVS 206 Environmental Issues

Wendy Lascell photo

Wendy A. Lascell

Associate Professor
Schumacher 312, 607-436-2192

B.S. SUNY Oneonta
M.S. Oregon State University
PhD. Rutgers University

Courses taught

GEOG 100

Introductory Geography

GEOG 217

Tourism: Geography and Planning

GEOG 232

Coastal Zone Management

GEOG 233

Geography of Urban Environments

GEOG 245

Remote Sensing: Aerial Photo Interpretation

GEOG 246

Remote Sensing: Airborne Missions

GEOG 262

Geography of New York State and the Northeast

ENVS 291

Interdisciplinary Jr. Seminar

Domestic Field Course, Service-Learning

GEOG 384

Disaster Geographies in Post-Katrina New Orleans

James Mills photo

James E. Mills

Associate Professor
Milne 321B, 607-436-3150

B.S. University of Wisconsin,
M.A. University of Minnesota,
PhD. University of Minnesota

Courses taught

GEOG 100

Introductory Geography

GEOG 230

Geography of Culture and Environment

GEOG 231

Religion, Spirit and Environment

GEOG 274

Geography of Asia

GEOG 277

Geography of Southeast Asia

GEOG 279

Geography of China, Japan and Korea

Field Course Abroad

GEOG 294

SpTp: Vietnam: Ed. & Geog. Environments

Jacob Warner Photo

Jacob Warner

Assistant Professor
Milne 323, 607-436-3475

B.S. Louisiana State University,
M.A. Louisiana State University,
Ph.D. Louisiana State University

Courses taught

ENSS 1010

Environmental Sustainability

ENSS 2100

Environmental Issues

GEOG 2100

Environmental Issues


Paul Baumann

Paul Baumann

Emeritus Professor
Milne 320, 436-3459

A.B. Indiana University,
A.M. Indiana University,
Doctoral Work - University of Cincinnati

Courses taught

GEOG 260

Geography of the United States and Canada

GEOG 345

Remote Sensing of Environments

Diane Carlton

Diane Carlton

Adjunct Instructor
Milne 320, 436-3378

B.A. SUNY Geneseo,
M.P.A.University of Delaware,
A.I.C.P. American Institute of Certified Planners

Courses taught

GEOG 236

Environmental Planning

GEOG 237

Environmental Impact Analysis

Tyson Robb photo

Tyson Robb

Adjunct Instructor
Milne 320

B.A./B.S. SUNY Oneonta,
M.S. Pennsylvania State University

Courses taught

GEOG 303 Soil Analysis and Sustainability
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