Campus-based Grants for Students


Funded by the State University College at Oneonta Foundation, Inc. and the SUNY Oneonta Alumni Association through charitable gifts and grants to the College; administered by the College Senate Committee on Research and the Grants Development Office

Fall 2021 Call for Applications

Note: When mentoring students on grant-funded research/creative activity, please keep in mind that the following five SUNY criteria for approved applied learning activities should be addressed: 1) The activity is structured, intentional and authentic. 2) The activity requires preparation, orientation and training. 3) The activity includes monitoring and continuous improvement. 4) The activity requires structured reflection and acknowledgment. 5) The activity must be assessed and evaluated.

The Traditional Track awards funding of up to $1,500 (+ fellowships for student and faculty mentor) for independent research and creative activity projects conducted by students with faculty sponsorship. 

The Shadowing Track is intended to broaden student engagement in research/CA, whereby a student with little-to-no experience (freshman, sophomore, first-year transfer) joins a faculty member’s research/CA endeavor as an “observer” or a junior team member. Budgets can include up to $500 for project expenses (+ faculty mentor and ‘shadow’ student stipends). 

The Course-based Track is intended to support activities that expose students to the breadth, depth, and application of scholarly/creative activity. Faculty can apply for funding of up to $1,000 for activities that would enhance the research/CA element of a course. 

The Summer Fellowship Track is intended to assist undergraduate students with costs related to participating in actively mentored summer research and creative activity. (Applications accepted in spring semester.)

Link to Committee on Research below for Details and Application Materials.

Committee on Research

Please contact a member of the Committee on Research if you have questions.

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