History Department Mission and Vision

History Map


The Department of History at SUNY Oneonta combines excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship with opportunities for undergraduate research and field experiences that prepare students for the job market and cultivate their intellectual capabilities.


The vision for the Department of History is to enhance its position as one of the SUNY Oneonta’s most intellectually and pedagogically engaged departments. The department’s faculty is recognized for its research, scholarship and academic instruction. The department plays a vital role in SUNY Oneonta by supporting the curricular needs of other programs and general education. Its members will continue to pursue an active program of research and scholarship and offer a wide-range of courses, all of which emphasize the development of critical thinking skills through intensive reading, writing, and discussion. We will continue to enrich three of the program’s features.

First, the department will design thematic, student-centered, team instructed, and interdisciplinary courses. Second, it will continue to extend its successful internship program and nurture academic, business, and other professional partnerships to help launch students into fulfilling careers in the historical community and further afield. Finally, it will establish a core group of courses requiring activities beyond the classroom and offering opportunities for student research and engagement, including local and global field experiences. The results will strengthen our reputation as a department known for its strong commitment to preparing its students for future careers in, around, and beyond history, and a vibrant program with an enhanced reputation for academic excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship in the field, the SUNY system, and globally.

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