Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics Clubs & Groups

Sanford Society

The purpose of this club is to provide opportunities for students majoring in or interested in the fields offered by the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics. This club shall provide a fun environment, complete with opportunities for students to network with peers, faculty, and field experts.

Sanford Society (MCS Club)

CPU - Computer Programmers United

We are a forum for students and faculty to share ideas, concepts, technology, information, and insights related to the field of computer science. While we accept a wide range of topics and discussions, we value the quality of meetings over the number of members.

CPU (Computer Science Club)

Interesting Problem Workshop

The Interesting Problem Workshop is an informal gathering of faculty and students to discuss problems of interest in mathematics and related areas of all levels of challenge.

Some interesting problems:

  • Find a 10 digit number such that the leftmost digit is the number of zeros appearing in the number, the next digit is the number of ones, the next is the number of twos, and so on, up to the rightmost digit, which is the number of nines appearing in the number.
  • Let NN be one more than the product of four consecutive positive integers. What can you say about NN and why? (From: A Friendly Mathematics Competition, P1983-7)
  • Find all pairs of positive integers (a,b) such that a−b is prime and ab is a perfect square. (From the Purdue University problem of the week.)
  • Prove that if you pick any n+1 numbers between 1 and 2n inclusive, then one of those numbers will be a multiple of some other one.

Pi Mu Epsilon

Pi Mu Epsilon mathematics honor society

Founded in 1914, the Pi Mu Epsilon national mathematics honor society publishes a semi-annual journal of refereed undergraduate work and provides grants and awards to distinguished undergraduates.

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