campus in late spring

Our 2021 orientation is scheduled for Monday-Wednesday, May 17th-19th and will be held virtually!


Graduate students are required to participate in a virtual orientation session at the end of May. The orientation will include discussion of program policies and procedures, schedules, assessment instruments and schedules, group discussions and assignments, counseling skills and a host of other introductory issues. During the orientation, graduate students may be tested on any readings sent during the summer and upon general knowledge of medical nutrition therapy, foodservice management, nutrition education, and community nutrition. The results will help faculty assess where graduate students are with regard to current information as well as identify areas where particular attention should be paid.

Graduate students who do not have ServSafe Certification that will be valid through the end of the program must purchase the course book and successfully pass the ServSafe Certification exam by May 19th.

In 2021, the orientation will begin Monday, May 17th at 10 a.m. EST and conclude Wednesday, May 19th in the afternoon.

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