Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT)

As a caring community, the students, faculty, and staff of SUNY Oneonta must rely on one another to maintain a safe, supportive learning environment. When someone on campus exhibits signs that are concerning to another member of the community, we encourage the completion of the Concern for Student Form. Once submitted, the information is reviewed by the Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT) who collect information about how the student is doing academically, socially, and behaviorally in multiple aspects of campus life. This helps the Behavioral Assessment Team assess the individual's level of risk and need for support services. Support and interventions are then offered by asking key personnel to reach out to the student.

The primary purposes of the Behavioral Assessment Team are to make sure students are not at risk to themselves or others, and to get help for students who are showing early signs that may lead to continued concerns regarding physical or mental health, or academic performance.

Reportable Behaviors

For the safety of the campus community, any threat, explicit or implied, is considered a statement of intent and will be addressed. Other concerns will be addressed, as appropriate. If someone is in crisis, or if you or others are in need of immediate assistance, please contact University Police at 607-436-3550.

Behaviors that should be reported include, but are not limited to:

  • Threats of harm to self or others (i.e. suicidal comments and/or actions)
  • Comments or evidence of self-injury (i.e. cutting)
  • Preoccupation with death, weapons, etc.
  • Noticeable changes in mood and/or behavior
  • Changes in academic performance (e.g. grades, attendance, participation, performance on quizzes/tests)
  • Personal struggles related to family and/or financial circumstances
  • Dealing with loss (e.g. death of a family member, relationship ending)

BAT Response

The Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT) will recommend actions to the appropriate vice president(s) in order to protect students, employees, and the SUNY Oneonta community. Among the actions the BAT may take are:

  • Coordinate and assess information from faculty, administrators, students, local authorities, and other resources.
  • Identify resources and make referrals to appropriate campus and off-campus agencies. This may include helping secure appropriate therapeutic options such as treatment or counseling, and/or internal or external psychological evaluations.
  • Investigate the incident(s) and recommend appropriate actions, which may include involuntary leaves of absence, filing of criminal charges, campus conduct sanctions up to and including suspension or expulsion; or ongoing monitoring for follow-up and observation of behavior patterns. Recommendations are made necessary to the Vice President for Student Affairs, who shall sign off on action to be taken.
  • Respond to incidents of violence, threatening behavior, unwanted pursuit, harassment, and behavior indicating if a student poses a risk to self or others. When necessary, initiate contacts with appropriate authorities to place a student in the custody of the police or a mental health facility capable of supporting specific behaviors.
  • Authorize notification, within FERPA guidelines, of parents, guardians and/or next-of-kin.
  • Assess outcomes of actions taken periodically.

BAT Members

The following staff and faculty currently make up the Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT):

  • Jenny Bagby, Coordinator of Student Accommodations - Accessibility Resources
  • Theresa Russo, Acting Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Christine Edwards, Director of Residential Experience and Housing
  • Kate McMichael, Director of Office of Student Experience
  • Assistant Chief of Police, William Henn
  • Chief of Police, Dirk Budd
  • Jennifer Westmoreland, Interim Director of Community Standards (Chair)
  • Olivia Avanzato – Outreach Counselor and Engagement Specialist
  • Jonathan Chester - Counseling Center

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