Peer Mentorship Program

Students playing a board game in a residence hall.

The Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI) Peer Mentorship Program presents an enriching opportunity to further your aspirations throughout your college experience. The OEI Peer Mentorship program serves to truly build an inclusive campus through our Peer Mentors & Mentees.

An OEI Peer Mentor is a special kind of person. A person who has walked through many of the same trials and tribulations in which their mentees have gone through—or are about to go through—and is a person who has been successful in getting through those endeavors. OEI mentors serve as inspirational guides who show first-year, second year and transfer students how to become successful in their academic, social, and professional careers and most importantly how to achieve their own goals and dreams.

An OEI Peer Mentee is a dedicated student who seeks to grow personally, develop professionally, and successfully reach their academic goals with the support of a peer mentor. OEI mentees will learn to navigate the campus, build trust, support, friendships, and most importantly gain experience which will equip them to learn, grow, and thrive here at SUNY Oneonta and beyond!

The Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI) welcomes you as you are about to begin one of life’s most rewarding and fulfilling experiences.


Matthew Rodriguez Jenkins (They/Them)
Assistant Director of Student Diversity and Engagement

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