Faculty Offices

Department Chairs/ Unit Directors will assign office space as required to new staff and faculty members.

Faculty wishing to change offices must have the permission of their department chair or unit director. Moves will be made according to department guidelines subject to the Dean's approval. Staff offices moves are subject to VP's approval

The Facilities and Planning Office is ultimately responsible to make sure faculty and staff are moving into clean offices. Our "office space guarantee" is that if a department notifies Facilities of office vacancies by June 1 of the academic year, we will insure faculty will have the use of that clean office by August 1 of that same year.

New Faculty and Staff should make note of the following:

Everything hinges on you signing your Contract letter and returning it to Human Resources. Nothing below will happen until the HR office gets your signed Contract letter and enters you on the college wide computer system

  • Keys for your office must be picked up in person and signed for between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday at the Maintenance and Operation Center. Department secretaries make room key requests during the summer about at the same time you were interviewed.
  • ID cards (used for gaining card access to buildings) can be obtained at the ID Office at the Red Dragon Outfitters building next to Hunt Student Union. If you have not signed your Contract Letter and returned it, your name will not be in the system, and you cannot get an ID card. Card Access requests should come from your Department Chair or Manager - see this page for more details.
  • A signed Contract Letter also spawns a process to generate your Campus Computer Network Username and Password.

The following rules are codified by the New York State Fire Code, the New York State Department of Health, the New York State Education Department and College Policy:

  • You will not be reimbursed for any items you buy for your office- such as carpeting, bookshelves or chairs.
  • You cannot stay overnight in your office.
  • You cannot bring pets into your office
  • You cannot store items - especially books, papers, or any other flammable items - closer than 2 feet to the ceiling or light fixtures.
  • You cannot block the door into your office from opening all the way
  • You cannot use candles in your office or have an open flame of any kind.
  • You can only use approved power strips to create multiple electrical outlets in your office.
  • Any supplemental heating unit has to be approved by an Electrician from the Maintenance Operations Center. If it is determined that you need supplemental heat, an approved heater can be supplied.
  • Your office is subject to yearly fire inspections.

During the annual fire inspections we will check for :

  • Unapproved extension cords- see above.
  • Unapproved heaters, candles- see above
  • Excessive paper load on walls- no more than 20 percent of the wall space may be covered by paper or a flammable material- ie. tapestry.
  • Flammable material too close to a heat source- books too close to lights, papers on top of your computer.
  • General housekeeping - Office clean, appropriate aisles maintained, door can open all the way.
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