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The MOC Work Request system is a portal that provides a place to submit maintenance and custodial work requests. To submit a work request, choose the building where the issue is (or for outdoor problems, the building closest to it) and then enter your name, contact phone number, and email address. Under Area # and Desc. please select the appropriate room, elevator, exterior door, stairwell etc. If the issue is in a corridor or other common space, indicate the closest room and use the action requested box to let us know what is needed.

Requesters will receive periodic emails indicating the status of the work request such as accepted, scheduled, and eventually, completed. For non-urgent questions regarding a work request, please feel free to email or call x3053. Work goes into a queue based on existing workload and the complexity / immediacy of the request. We will respond as quickly as we can based on priority of requests. If you have some sort of crisis (leaking water pipe, freezing-cold office, infestation of flying monkeys) you should call MOC directly at x2507 to let us know you need help right away and then submit a work request. You can never provide too much detail - is that pipe leak dripping into a conveniently placed garbage can or is it gushing into your space like in a World-War-Two submarine movie? How long has the condition existed? Will someone be there to talk to the responding Trades Staff? Is that malfunctioning outlet just dead or is it sparking / warm / possessed? The more details we get, the more effectively we can respond.

Our staff are experts in a wide variety of disciplines and can solve just about any problem you might encounter. We have shops for HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Locks & Keys, Paint, Carpentry, Metalworking, Grounds keeping and Automotive Garage. Our Custodial Team covers millions of square feet in over forty buildings and devote hundreds of thousands of staff hours to keeping buildings tidy, clean and safe.


Facilities Planning
Oneonta, NY 13820
(607) 436-3224

103 Service Building
Oneonta, NY 13820
(607) 436-2507

Work Requests

Any inaccuracies in documents or content should be reported by email or phone - we will correct them immediately.

Phil Bidwell
Phone: 607-436-2710

Emergency Information

During Normal Operation Hours
(Mon-Fri, 7am - 3:30pm)
Please Call the Maintenance Operations Center office at (607) 436-2507.

After Hours and Weekends
Call University Police at (607) 436-3550 - they will relay the call to our onsite second/third shift staff.

In the event of emergency responses on campus that may affect normal operations (water main breaks, storm damage, power outages... things like that) we will prominently post information on our site and also distribute email notifications as necessary.

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