Changing Your Address

It is extremely important that you inform SUNY Oneonta when your address has changed. Any type of address change must be made by updating your information in Web Services.

Types of Addresses


This is your address when not attending school. Information such as bills, registration information and other important information is sent to your permanent address while classes are not in session.


This is the address of your parent or guardian. SUNY Oneonta will most likely contact someone at this address in case of an emergency.


This is your address if you live off campus while attending classes. It is very important for students who move off campus to inform SUNY Oneonta since most physical mail is sent to the local address while classes are in session.


This is your on-campus address. This is the one address that you do not need to change. When you change your residence hall address the Housing Office will change your address.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are employed by SUNY Oneonta you must also change your address in the Payroll Office (Netzer 214).

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