New Course Proposal Instructions

The Following Information must be submitted with each new course proposal

  1. Justification.
  2. Specific course objectives.
  3. List of topics to be covered and the approximate amount of time devoted to each topic.
  4. The similarity to other courses.
  5. Adjustments to other course offerings that approval of the course would necessitate.
  6. Suggested required texts.
  7. Additional Library holdings and/or facilities needed to support the course.
  8. If specific computer use or special equipment is planned.
    1. List the specific computer hardware required (e.g. numbers and types of computers and peripherals) including that already available on campus and additional equipment that would need to be purchased.
    2. List the specific software required (e.g. is it currently available on campus or must it be purchased; who will pay for the purchases?)
    3. List any non-teaching computer center personnel that will be needed to support the course and indicate the extent of their involvement (e.g. laboratory monitors, programmers, and technicians. For Distance Learning courses, specify course management system and/or delivery system to be used.
  9. List instructors who will be teaching this course along with their specific qualifications to teach it. For Distance Learning courses, instructors must demonstrate training appropriate for intended delivery methods.

New course proposals are submitted electronically through Curriculog which can be found by logging into myOneonta.

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