Online Override Instructions


  • Go to myOneonta
  • Login using your Username and Password
  • Click on Registration Overrides from the Faculty Web Services Landing page
  • Select the correct Term from the drop-down
  • Enter the student's ID number (ID number is case-sensitive), click on [Submit]
    • Note: If you search by name the student must either be in another class of yours or be one of your advisees, otherwise they will not be found
  • Verify the correct student ID number was entered by reviewing the student's name; click on the Student's name
  • Enter the correct override code based on the issue the student is having. Select the correct course that you wish to assign the override for. Click on [Submit]
  • Verify the correct overrides have been entered for the correct student.

The student can now go online and register themselves in the correct course. The student is NOT registered until they add the course!

Don’t forget to log out. Click on Sign Out at the top right of the screen (found under the drop-down when the silhouette is clicked)

Questions? Call Maureen Artale at 3216 or e-mail

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