Online Override Instructions


  • Access “Faculty Services” at
  • Enter Login (your e-mail address) and Password; click [login];
  • Respond to security question and answer (first time users only);
  • Click [Web Services]
  • Click on [Faculty & Advisors]; read the FERPA agreement; click on [I Agree]

You should be on the Faculty Services Menu

Click on [Registration Overrides]

Select correct TERM; click on [Submit]

Enter the student's ID number; click on [Submit]

Verify the correct student ID number was entered by reviewing the student's name; click on [Submit]

Enter the correct override code based on the issue the student is having. Select the correct course that you wish to assign the override for. Click on [Submit]

*You can assign multiple overrides to one section. For instance, if the course is closed and the student has a pre-requisite issue. You can assign multiple override codes by using the next entry line.

Verify the correct overrides have been entered for the correct student. Click on [Submit]

The student can now go online and register him/herself in the correct course. The student is NOT registered until he/she adds the course!

Don’t forget to log out. After clicking the [Submit] box; click on Exit at the top right of the screen. To log out of my.Oneonta click on [myMenu] and [Sign Out]

Questions? Call Maureen Artale at 3216 or e-mail

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