Retention Standards For Undergraduate Students

Minimum Cumulative GPA Requirements

Effective Fall 2005 for ALL Undergraduate Students

  • First Semester Freshmen:
  • 1.25 Overall GPA or Higher
  • First Semester Transfer Students:
  • 1.50 Overall GPA or Higher
  • All Second Semester Students:
  • 1.75 Overall GPA or Higher
  • All Other Students:
  • 2.00 Overall GPA or Higher

Check with your Faculty Advisor, the Academic Advisement Center, or an Academic Team Member for tips on academic success and what you can do to improve your Grade Point Average. These minimum cumulative GPA requirements are in effect for all students and supersede the standards printed in all SUNY Oneonta Catalogs.

Approved by the Provost's Office ~ Summer 2005

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