Student Interim Progress

Please use the scale below when interpreting Interim Progress Grades:




Acceptable (A through C; or Pass for pass/fail grading)

2 Marginal (C- through D-)
1 Unacceptable (Unacceptable academic performance or participation)
0 Faculty unable to provide evaluation
NR An interim progress grade was not submitted for this course
NA Interim Grades do not apply (usually this is a mini or half-semester course)
W You withdrew from this course

You are registered for all courses listed on your interim progress report except those with a "W" grade. If you are not attending one or more of the courses listed and you wish to withdraw, please come to the Registrar's Office prior to the last day to withdraw from a full semester course. Consult the Key Dates and Deadlines for the appropriate date.

To view your interim progress grades online:

  • Go to myOneonta
  • Login using your Username and Password
  • Click on Mid-Term Grades on the left side of the screen
  • Select the term you wish to view your interim grades for and click Submit.

You will not be able to view your grades online if you have a hold on your record.

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