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The New York State Legislature passed a law limiting the use of student Social Security numbers by all levels of public and private educational institutions. The legislation is effective July 1, 2001.

All faculty, staff and students at SUNY Oneonta will be assigned a unique Oneonta identification number (Oneonta ID#).

The Oneonta ID# will be used on all reports or documents where Social Security Numbers had previously been used unless a Social Security Number is essential. For example, this legislation does not restrict the routine use of student Social Security numbers as permitted or required by law, in connection with such activities as admission and transfer of students, official transcripts, student employment, and the administration of student financial aid.


The college converted to the Oneonta ID# for all students, faculty and staff on May 20, 2001.

To obtain your Oneonta ID#:

  1. Go to myOneonta
  2. Login with your User Name and Password
  3. Click on "Web Services"
  4. Click on "Personal & User Account Information."
  5. Click on "View Oneonta ID#."


  1. Your Oneonta ID# will replace your social security number on class rosters, grade scan sheets, advisement documents and other reports.
  2. You are strongly encouraged to learn your Oneonta ID# and use it in place of your social security number whenever you are conducting business with the college. If you choose, you may still use your social security number when conducting business with the college.
  3. If you forget your Oneonta ID#, you will be able to receive services at the student service offices and access the Oneonta Web services with your social security number.
  4. Your social security number will still be used when required by law (ie. Financial Aid).
  5. Faculty have been instructed not to use your Oneonta ID# or any part of it to post grades. Please alert the Registrar if your Oneonta ID# is being used to post grades.


  1. Everyone employed by the college has a record on the college database, along with his/her social security number.
  2. All social security numbers have been replaced on Banner with a randomly generated ID number (Oneonta ID#) the same length as your social security number. This will make your social security number unavailable to Banner users.
  3. Academic department secretaries will be given a listing of their faculty containing the faculty Oneonta ID#, for use when entering course schedules on Banner. Secretaries will also be able to search the database for a faculty member's Oneonta ID# using the faculty name. It will no longer be necessary to know a faculty member's social security number to schedule classes.
  4. Faculty may obtain their Oneonta ID# inside the secure area of the Faculty Web Services page by clicking on Personal Information then, View Oneonta ID#.
  5. Student Oneonta ID#'s will replace the social security numbers on class rosters, grade scan sheets, advisement documents and other reports distributed to departments.
  6. Faculty must treat students' Oneonta ID# in the same manner as the social security number; e.g. they may not post grades using the Oneonta ID# or any part thereof.
  7. The text on all paper forms which currently require social security number should be changed to Oneonta ID#.
  8. Student service offices should now ask for the Oneonta ID# rather than the social security number.
  9. The college encourages students to learn and use their Oneonta ID#. However, students may use their social security number when conducting business with the college, if they so choose.

Questions should be directed to Maureen Artale, College Registrar 436-3216.

You can find your advisor's name in two ways:

1. It is listed on top of your Advisement Document (Arrow Sheet)

Go to myOneonta
Login with your User Name and Password
Click on DegreeWorks
Your advisor's name is listed on the top right

2. It is located inside the web services area.

Go to myOneonta
Login with your User Name and Password
Click on Web Services
Click on Student Services and Financial Aid
Click on Student Records
Click on View Student Information
Select Term
Your Advisor's name is listed on this page.

To find your advisor's phone number, enter their last name in the search at the top of any college webpage.

Your appointment time for registration is available online, go to myOneonta

1. Login with your User Name and Password.

2. Click on "Course Registration."

3. Select the term you are looking to register for.

Your registration time will be displayed along with other information including any holds that exist on your record. You must clear all holds prior to your registration time.

Beginning with the Fall 2002 semester, final grades will no longer be mailed to students because they are available through Oneonta Web Services.

Students who have a semester and/or overall grade point average below a 2.0 will receive a printed copy of their final grades at their permanent address.

In keeping with SUNY policy, students who have a hold on their record will not receive grades in the mail or be able to view them on the web.

To view your grades online:

  • Go to myOneonta
  • Login using your User Name and Password
  • Click on View Grades
  • Select the term you wish to view your grades for
  • Click Submit
  • If you have a hold on your record, your grades will not be displayed. All holds must be cleared for a student to receive or view his/her final grades. To view your holds click on View Holds.

If you need a paper copy of your final grades, please contact the Registrar's Office. Printed copies will be mailed when requested by the student.

We are very excited about the services we are able to offer through the web; students have the ability to access their own information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have any questions regarding student services please feel free to contact our office by phone (607) 436-3216 or e-mail Maureen.Artale@oneonta.edu

To view the existing holds on your record:

1. Go to myOneonta

2. Login with your User Name and Password

3. Click on "Web Services"

4. Click on “Student Services”

5. Click on “Student Records”

6. Click on “View holds”

A list of your current holds will be displayed with the office that placed it. Questions about each hold should be directed to the appropriate office.

The first time you log into the web services site you will be asked to enter a security question. This question and answer will be used in the future if you forget your PIN. Please make the question and answer something personal that you will remember in the future. You should protect your privacy by making the question and answer something only you know.

In the event you have forgotten your PIN follow these steps:

1. Enter your ID number in the appropriate block.

2. Click on "Forgot PIN."

3. Answer the security question.

4. You will be asked to enter a new PIN and verify that new PIN.

5. Click "Submit PIN" and you have successfully logged in.

First you must go to Faculty Services and log in.

1. Go to your Summary Class List in WebServices and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the words Import to Excel

2. Highlight all the rows for your students and then copy (either Right click/Copy OR Ctrl+C) the highlighted area.

3. Open a blank Excel workbook and paste the data (Ctrl+V). When pasted into Excel it will not be formatted - follow next set of instructions for formatting.

a. In the ribbon at the top of the screen click on the Data tab .

b. Click Text to Columns, it is about half way across the page.

c. The "Convert Text to Columns Wizard" window will open with three steps:

i. On the first page, make sure the "Choose the file type that best describes your data" is set to Delimited. Then click Next.

ii. On the next screen check the box next to Comma. Then click Next.

iii. Click Finish at the bottom right of the window to complete the process.

7. Your data will be moved into individual columns for each data point in Excel and you can now manipulate your data as you would any excel file.

If you have questions about or problems with this process, call the Help Desk at 607-436-4567 OR you can view the KnowlegeBase article in ServiceNow. If prompted - log in using your Single-Sign on.

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