Meet Our Staff

Maureen Artale

Maureen P. Artale
College Registrar

  • Supervises the Registrar's Office
  • Oversees administration of FERPA
  • Assists with questions concerning grading & course enrollment
Deb Sperano

Deb Sperano
Associate Registrar for Student Services

  • Oversees Student Services
  • Assists with questions concerning course enrollment and student records
  • Serves as point of contact for currently enrolled graduate students
Roman Dubiel

Roman Dubiel
Associate Registrar for Catalog and Scheduling

  • Maintains course master file
  • Produces the College Catalogs
  • Produces Schedule of Classes
  • Handles Classroom and Final Exam Scheduling
  • Liaison for National Student Clearinghouse
Jill Basile

    Jill Basile
    Assistant Registrar

    • Oversees Customer Service Area
    • Oversees student registration and transcripts
    • Office Liaison for Commencement and New Student Orientation
    Maureen Cashman

    Maureen Cashman
    Business Analyst

    • Manages Technical Services
    • Lead the Registrar's Office in development and implementation of new technologies
    Kate Simeon

    Kate Simeon
    Degree Works Manager

    • Serves as point of contact for Degree Works
    • Maintains curriculum changes for Degree Works
    • Processes course re-evaluations/substitutions
    Anastasia Falcheck

    Anastasia Falcheck
    Senior Staff Assistant

    • Serves as point of contact for college-wide course renumbering project
    • Responsible for conversion of entire database of courses
    • Manages the renumbering of curriculum in the college catalogs

    Jennifer Brislin (effective Nov. 1)
    Operations Manager

    • Assists faculty with filing paperwork concerning grading & course enrollment
    • Assists faculty with questions regarding rosters, final grade sheets, etc.
    • Process leaves and withdrawals for students
    Diane Monroe

    Diane Monroe
    Degree Services

    • Processes all Independent Study, Teaching Assistantship & Individual Course Enrollment Forms
    • Reviews candidates for graduation
    • Administers the Hartwick Exchange Program
    • Assists students with registration & general information

    Stephanie Havens
    Student Services

    • Oversees the scanning of student records
    • Provides enrollment verification for students
    • Assists students with registration & general information
    • Processes transcript requests
    • Processes post matriculation transfer credit

    General Information

    130 Netzer Administration Building 
    SUNY Oneonta, Oneonta, NY 13820
    Voice: 607 436-2531
    Fax: 607 436-2164


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