Building Policies

Regarding pets or animals: With the exception of SUNY Oneonta approved events requiring the use of animals, only service animals are permitted in the building.

Use of alcoholic beverages and drugs are prohibited. Exceptions for alcohol may be granted with the permission of the directors of Dining Services and Hunt Union for catered events.

The Hunt Union is a Smoke-Free environment. Smoking or vaping in any form is prohibited inside the facility.

Unless approved by the university use of the pond for recreational activities such as swimming, boating, fishing and ice skating is prohibited.

For the safety of all patron's use of rollerblades, scooters, or bicycles inside the Hunt Union is prohibited.

Recognized student groups selling merchandise or collecting for charitable groups must file a Fundraising application and a book reservation for activities. Fundraising forms are available online by creating an event request.

All fliers and posters must be submitted to the HUb for approval and stamped. Posters cannot be approved which compete with campus services (apartment rentals). Any posters not approved will be removed. Posters should not cover other flyers or posters. Hunt Union staff will post all materials on appropriate bulletin boards and will remove materials as needed. All postings must include a sponsor and contact information. Posters promoting tobacco or alcohol activities are prohibited. Postings are not allowed on any wood, concrete, windows or painted surfaces. Violations will result in the immediate removal of the advertisement and possible suspension of room access to groups and organizations.

On-line reservations will not be accepted or reviewed if made over a weekend, please see a manager on duty to request a room in person. This service excludes the programming spaces; ballroom, Waterfront and Red Dragon theater. These 3 spaces require at least one week's notice to reserve. Ball playing or other games of that nature are strictly prohibited in any of our spaces. All activities must be discussed with and approved by the Hunt Union director. All on-line requests are not confirmed until you receive an email from the Events Coordinator stating that your request is confirmed or denied.

Changes to reservations must be made at least one week before the event. We will not accept changes made after this day. It is the sponsor’s responsibility to read the confirmation and to inform the Hunt Union of all changes to the set up or equipment details.

Items (decorations) may not be displayed on walls unless you contact us to discuss options.

Lighted candles or incense are strictly prohibited. Balloons filled with confetti are not permitted nor is glitter. These items will incur a cleaning fee if used and could result in a loss of room privileges.

Rooms will be set in the style you requested. For safety reasons, please do not re-set the room, or ask for assistance.

If you are using your own laptop, please do not disconnect our cables, ask for assistance. All rooms are for PCs and if you intend to use a Mac, please let us know, the system may not support it.

Please make sure you vacate the room by the listed reservation time on your confirmation.

Please leave the room as you found it. A fee will be incurred for excessive mess or damage, and we must ask that any materials you bring in including boxes and decorations are removed from the room and disposed of in the appropriate receptacles.

Primary sponsor/contact for the reservation assumes financial responsibility for any damages to equipment and/or property resulting from use or negligence during the reserved time period.

Due to the limited amount of space in the Hunt Union, it is important that offices and organizations are considerate of others and notify building staff when they will be canceling their events. Failure to cancel a large-scale event may incur a fee. If an office or organization fails to cancel any space reservation (room and table reservations) in a timely manner, the first offense will result in a written warning. The second offense will result in a loss of reservation privileges for a period determined by the Director for the Hunt Union. Please call 436-3014 between the hours of 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday or send an email to both and If you are calling outside of these hours, please call 436-3730 to cancel any reservation.

Sodexo is the only food and beverage provider for SUNY Oneonta. Please contact the Sodexo catering office as soon as possible to place your order. Food Service is limited in the meeting rooms, but full service is available in the dining facilities. Service is not guaranteed unless orders are placed and confirmed one week before the event. Deposits may be required. Sodexo is responsible for food safety on campus, and the Board of Health holds them accountable for all food served. Outside food is strictly prohibited unless OAS approves it. Failure to place and confirm orders at least one week prior to the event will result in cancellation of the space. Catering Office: 436-3502 or 436-3934

Building Hours

Building Hours when classes are in session-



12:00pm-5:00pm (HUb closed)

Starbucks Hours

Office of Student Life and Leadership (Room 220)
For building reservations and general department info call 607-436-3014

For ticket sales and campus information call 607-436-3730

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