Erika Scire

Erika Scire
Farmingdale, NY
Year of Graduation

After Oneonta

Erika graduated in May 2019 and started work later that month as a graduate assistant for student engagement and activities at Stony Brook University, where she is earning a master's in higher education administration.

Why SUNY Oneonta?

Originally, I wanted to go for fashion and I knew about Oneonta’s program with FIT. I’m not a fashion major anymore, but that was the big thing at the time. And then we came here and visited – this was actually the only school I visited. And I just really liked it. So I decided to come here, and it's been a good decision ever since.

My Activities

President of the Class of 2019, Orientation Mentor and Transition Team Member, member of O-Fan, Psychology Club, psychology honor society and National Residence Hall Honorary  

Best Experiences

Definitely getting involved. I became president of the Class of 2019 my freshman year. Through that, I found out about being an Orientation Leader and an adviser and all that. Just being involved in that one thing helped me get involved in a whole bunch of different stuff and allowed me to experience all aspects of campus. That was a big thing for me.

About My Major

Psychology is the study of people, and I just find that so interesting. You get to learn about people from all different aspects and learn about brain development and how they think. When people think of psychology, they think of a person lying on a bed talking about their problems. But it's so much more than that, and it's so interesting to see in everyday life. I'm interning right now in the Office of New Student Services, and my research focus is freshman involvement and how to get freshmen involved, and it all comes back to psychology. I just find it so interesting.

What I’ll Remember in 20 Years

I'm definitely going to remember how pretty the campus was because I love fall and it's so pretty here then. But also definitely the support I've had here. A lot of the things that I have done and have been involved in wouldn't have been possible without professors or mentors or advisers who have guided me along the way. And just being involved and meeting people and getting to see all parts of campus.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

I would love to work at a college. It’s, like, the dream. I have done a lot with the Office of New Student Services, and I would love to come back and make a difference in someone's life.

I always kind of knew that I wanted to help people, but I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do until Oneonta. When I first came in freshman year, I declared my major as history, but then I changed that second semester. But the more I got involved, the more I realized, “I like the leadership thing” and “I like being involved on a college campus.” So then junior year was when I discovered that I wanted to get my master’s in student affairs and higher education. And now I'm super passionate and excited about it, and I just hope that I can get into grad school and then graduate and get a job.

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