Kelly Rafferty

Kelly Rafferty
Professional Title
Event Production Coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles
Year of Graduation

My Activities

While in college, I was president of Lambda Pi Eta (Communication Arts Honor Society), a member of WIRE TV, and I did a lot of filming athletic events, like live-streaming basketball games.

Best Experiences

I did a lot of outside-of-the-classroom activities at SUNY Oneonta that really showed me I was interested in sports management and got me the production experience I needed to freelance during the first couple of years after I graduated. This helped me get some of the seasonal jobs working in minor leagues that I had before joining the Eagles. I was able to say, "I know how to do this, this and this, and I didn’t just learn it sitting in a classroom, I learned it by actually doing it."

Typical Day on the Job

I deal with any event that happens at the Eagles stadium. In the off-season, I’m in charge of any audiovisual needs for events that happen there, like a company holiday party or season ticketholder party. During the season, I’m in charge of everything a fan might see once they enter for a game, every little piece on the digital side in the stadium. I organize the content, get it ready and get it loaded. My job is a lot of relationship management, as well, working with other departments such as sponsorship or marketing. It’s always something different every day, which is fun.

Advice to Students

It wasn’t easy to just come out of college and get a job right away. You definitely have to pay your dues, especially in the sports world. It took almost four years to land a full-time job. It was important for me to realize that that’s OK and that, regardless of whether something is full time, you’re still building your experience. You’re not going to land your dream job right away, but it will all be part of the journey. You just kind of have to know that, even though you might not be getting paid the most or have the most glamorous job right now, it will eventually pay off.