Policy Format

Approved by xxx

Policy Contact
Office of XXXX
(607) 436-xxxx

Policy Statement

Keep the policy statement as brief and understandable as possible. Simply worded policy statements are more easily understood by all members of the SUNY Oneonta community and thus are more effective and more likely to be complied with. If further explanation of the policy statement is needed, use the Policy Elaboration section below.

A Policy describes principles, requirements, and restrictions, and establishes standards, rights, and responsibilities that apply generally throughout the institution. It facilitates compliance with internal or external standards or requirements, thus advancing the institution’s mission and reducing institutional risk.


This section includes a brief statement as to why SUNY Oneonta is adopting this policy. The purpose should communicate the risk to the institution that underlies this policy and the applicable authority (e.g., Federal, State, SUNY or other). Example:

The standard language format for this section is as follows (as an example):

The New York State Legislature passed a law limiting the use of student Social Security numbers by all levels of public and private educational institutions. As such the institution has adopted a policy to protect the privacy of social security numbers and limit the use wherever possible.

Applicability of the Policy

What segment of the SUNY Oneonta community does this policy apply to? As examples, all employees, faculty, officers, staff, students, etc.

This policy applies to all SUNY Oneonta faculty, staff and students.

Policy Elaboration

If needed, use this section to elaborate on the concise policy statement above. As an example, the concise policy statement may need more detail clarification or explanation of different scenarios. Use this section to elaborate on these points.


Terminology in a policy often makes the policy difficult to understand by all members of SUNY Oneonta. Use this section to define all of the technical words that the community may struggle with.


Procedures are methods established for the implementation of policies.

It is recommended to place a statement with a link to the procedures in this section and host the language for the procedures in another location (campus web page, SharePoint, etc.). This allows easy updates of policy procedures, as needed.

The standard Language to format this section with the procedure link is:

To review the full procedure of this policy, click the URL link or copy and paste the URL into your web browser: "insert URL link here"


All related forms are to be listed here. If the forms are web-based, this section of the policy will link to the form.


In this section, the policy will identify the department responsible for the interpretation and administration of this policy. This is also the department that the SUNY Oneonta community should contact with daily operational questions about the policy.

The standard language format for this section is:

Questions related to the daily operational interpretation of this policy should be directed to:

(607) ­436-­xxxx
email address

Related Documents / Policies

Are there related documents/policies that the SUNY Oneonta community should know about? If so, list them here.

Effective Dates

  • Approved by the President/Provost on xx/xx/xxxx
  • Latest Revision Approved by the President on xx/xx/xxxx
  • Next Renewal on xx/xx/xxxx
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