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Policies, Standards, Guidelines, and Procedures are vital to the effective operation of any institution. They establish responsibilities and accountability. They help ensure compliance and reduce institutional risk. They may be needed to establish and/or defend a legal basis for action. Lastly, they provide clarification and guidance to the community.

Policies must be approved by the President prior to requesting inclusion on this site.

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Policies by Category


Policies related to teaching, learning and scholarly activities.

Academic Policies


Policies related to capital campaigns, other fundraising and alumni relations.

Advancement Policies

Business and Finance

Policies related to accounting, budget, finance, purchasing and travel.

Business and Finance Policies

Ethical and Responsible Conduct

Quick guide to anti-discrimination, and ethical and responsible conduct policies for employees, students, and vendors.

Ethical and Responsible Conduct Policies

Enrollment Management

Policies related to admissions, advising, financial aid, scholarships, academic records and registration.

Enrollment Management Policies


Policies related to grounds, buildings, and Physical Plant Services.

Facilities Policies

Information Technology

Policies related to the institution's computer systems.

Information Technology Policies

Marketing and Communication

Policies related to the institution's marketing and communication.

Marketing and Communication Policies


Policies related to operational areas that have not been otherwise categorized in the Policy Library.

Operational Policies


Policies related to faculty, staff, and student employment.

Personnel Policies

Safety and Health

Policies related to safety and health on campus.

Safety and Health Policies


Student Handbook and policies and procedures of direct relevance to students.

Student Policies

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