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*These notifications are provided in compliance with New York State Finance Law 163 sections 12, 13 and 14

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2. Purchase Requisitions


All items purchased from college funds should be ordered via requisition. Employees making purchases, without prior authorization via a purchase order, can be held responsible for the payment. The college does not authorize purchases from vendors who do not accept purchase orders unless we are able to order with the campus VISA card.  Every attempt should be made to purchase first from a MWBE or State Contract vendor. Departments should not place their own orders unless arrangements have been worked out ahead of time with the Purchasing staff.

  • PDF Requisition Form available here – follow instructions for paper requisition forms (below). Upon completion, print 3 copies, send 2 signed copies to Purchasing, and retain one for your department records. (PDF form cannot be saved.)

  • Paper Requisition Forms - forms are available from the campus supply room at no cost.

  • Reimbursement for items purchased - In no case should an item be purchased and later submitted for reimbursement to the employee, with the exception of travel or candidate meals, unless specific arrangements have been made ahead of time, and in no case, without a purchase requisition signed by the account manager.


Purchase Requisition forms may be printed from the link provided above. Please submit the original and one additional copy. The more information provided by the department, the more accurate the order. A separate requisition form is needed for each vendor.

  1. (Suggested) VENDOR INFORMATION (The college has the final determination as to where an item will be purchased from.)

    1. Name

    2. Complete address, including street/city/zip code

    3. Phone and fax numbers.  (If the fax number is included, the Purchasing Department will automatically fax the order to the vendor.)

    4. Federal Identification number.  All purchase requisitions must include this number. 

  2. SUNY ACCOUNT AND SUBACCOUNT NUMBERS – The account(s) that should be charged for this purchase. One requisition may be used by one or more departments with various accounts.  Include how much should be charged to each account, and have the requisition signed with the appropriate authorized signatures for each account. P&T will assign the object code.

  3. DESCRIPTION - Include,  when applicable

    1. A clear description of the item / service (needed to assign an object code), and a description of how it will be used, or why it is needed.

    2. Catalog/Part number

    3. Make/Model number

    4. Color/size

    5. Packaging information – include how many items in package

  4. QUANTITY – The quantity should agree with the unit listed (Example:  if items are sold as individual units, list as 12 ea, not 1 dozen.

  5. UNIT – How items are packaged (Example: each, dozen, thousand, package)

  6. UNIT PRICE – This price should be for the unit specified. If an item is FREE, make sure to indicate this in the unit price field.

  7. TOTAL– This is the total amount for this particular item. (Multiply quantity by unit price.)

  8. TOTAL AMOUNT OF ORDER – Total of all items included on requisition

  9. DEPARTMENT – Print name of the department ordering. This information is critical for Central Receiving to know where items are to be delivered. (If you would like items delivered to a location other than the ordering department, include this information in the Description area.)

  10. AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE – Signature of authorized Account Manager assigned to the account being charged. Purchasing maintains an annual listing of all authorized signatures. Alternates must be listed on the authorization form in order to sign a requisition. Unauthorized signatures will result in requisition being returned to the submitting department.

  11. ATTACHMENTS - should be stapled (not paper clipped) to the back of the requisition. Make a copy of any backup information to keep in your files.

  12. SUBMIT completed form to the Procurement & Travel Department, 218 Netzer. The majority of requisitions can be completed within 3 working days, and you should receive notification from Purchasing (via the stamped yellow copy of requisition) within 5-7 days after submitting your requisition.

  13. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS - should be written directly on the requisition. The more information we have, the better we will be able to meet your needs.  Special instructions may include the following:

    1. “The vendor’s copy of the purchase order should be returned to the requisitioning department” so they can pick up the items themselves, or so they can mail additional information to the vendor.

    2. “The vendor listed should be used because …..”

    3. “The items/services are needed by a special date.”  (Please highlight this information so we can include it on the purchase order.)

    4. “The purchase order should be faxed to the vendor”. If a department includes the fax number for the vendor on the requisition, Purchasing will automatically fax the purchase order to the vendor. The number listed should indicate “fax number” or we will assume that the number is a telephone number.


Items / Services Ordered with a Purchase Order
The Procurement and Travel Office cannot pay invoices unless they have confirmation of receipt of orders. The P&T Office sends the Goldenrod copy of the Purchase Order to the ordering department. When an order is received, the department should indicate receipt of items on the Goldenrod and submit to Procurement & Travel, to allow payment of the invoice.
Also indicated on or with the Goldenrod copy should be the following:

  • Date items received or services performed
  • Signature of person confirming the filled order (must not be the same person who signed the original requisition that placed the order)
  • Packing slips if available

Alternately, if for any reason the receiving department does not have the goldenrod copy of the PO, a member of the department (not the originator of the order) may sign the invoice,  or packing slip, with the date received and a full signature.

Items Ordered without a Purchase Order (NOR – No Order Requested)
It is rare that something that is not being charged to the P-card, should be purchased without a purchase order. Items like conference or college fair registrations are examples of when this is acceptable. 
When a registration, college fair, etc is paid via check, the ordering department will receive a copy of their requisition and a receiving document to be signed and dated after the event, etc has been “received”.
Examples:           Registration: sign after a person attends a conference or college fair, 
Subscriptions: sign once access to the journal has been verified

Items Ordered using the Procurement Card
The Procurement & Travel office may opt to purchase commodities using the college credit card. When an order is placed using the credit card, the ordering department will receive a copy of their requisition and a receiving document. (Known commonly as The Purple or The Teal)
When the items are received, indicate that the order is complete and sign and date the form.  
If there is an issue with the order and you will not be receiving the complete order, indicate that only part of the order has been received. Include an explanation of the change in the order.
Please note, the signature of person confirming the filled order must not be the same person who signed the original requisition that placed the order. This is a matter of internal controls.

P-card holders in campus departments are expected to follow the SUNY and SUNY Oneonta procedures for the use of that card.

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Please feel free to contact the Purchasing Department for help in selecting a vendor!

First consideration should always be given to purchasing from:

  • State Preferred sources (NYS Preferred Source Program for New Yorkers Who are Blind, NY Industries for the Disabled, and New York State Corrections) It is the policy of the State University to utilize preferred sources whenever possible. These include the Division of Correctional Industries (CORCRAFT) and NYSID –New York Industries for the Disabled. We may, however,  consider whether form, function and utility of the products or services from these sources meet our needs. 

  • Minority and Woman Owned Businesses It is the policy of the State University to ensure that New York State certified minority-and women-owned business enterprises (M/WBEs) are given the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to provide the University with commodities and services at competitive prices. The college strongly encourages the selection of M/WBE vendors when possible. The college is required to spend 30% of its discretionary spend with MWBE businesses, as per SUNY Procedure 7557.

  • State Contracts

Many items have been negotiated under contract by the Office of General Services (OGS) at excellent rates. To see if your item may be available under a State contract, please check this OGS website.

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We all share the responsibility to comply with state and SUNY regulations and to maximize the value received from college resources in the purchase of supplies, equipment, and services. When making your procurement decisions for goods and/or services that are not on a state contract, please provide documentation with your purchase orders to demonstrate “reasonableness of price” (e.g. quotes, advertisements or web searches) and follow these guidelines for the threshold levels listed below:

Guidelines for Threshold Levels
Threshold Amount Procedure
Up to 25K Document reasonableness of price and justify selection of vendor.  Work with the Procurement & Travel Office to identify potential MWBE vendors.
25K + MWBE Goal of 30% on the individual purchase - contact Betty Tirado

50K +

All procurements valued at this threshold must be advertised in the NYS Contract Reporter to allow vendors to view procurement opportunities. Contact Betty Tirado early in the procurement process to ensure that all requirements are met.

125 K +

A formal sealed bid process is required at this threshold.  Contact Betty Tirado for further information.

Please use this link through SUNY as a more specific guide to your procurement decisions.

If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to contact Terri Thomas at x2555 or Betty Tirado x2583

Exceptions to the above limits:
Any items/services covered by a New York State Office of General Services contract do not require any additional competition, although the MWBE goal applies to purchases over $25,000 if there are MWBE resellers available. Those purchased from a preferred source (workshops for the blind, mentally ill, Division of Correctional Industries, etc.) may not require any additional competition, depending on dollar value of purchase. (Only contracts issued by the State of New York are exempt.  Federal Government contracts do not qualify and must follow the above rules.)

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Used for multiple small dollar purchases from the same vendor. Once a blanket order has been set up by the Purchasing Office, you can place your own orders by fax, phone, or pick up, referencing the assigned purchase order number on communications with the vendor.

To receive a Blanket Order:

  • Complete a Purchase Requisition in the normal manner, but write “BLANKET ORDER” in the first line of  description field.
  • Describe the types of goods/services that will be covered by the blanket order.
  • Include time period the order will cover.  Most orders run from July 1 through June 30, the College’s fiscal year.

After receipt or ordered items:

  • Notify Accounts Payable by marking the packing slip “OKAY to PAY” or by emailing Accounts Payable.
  • Notifications must include description and count of items received, the amount the invoice should be, and refer to the assigned purchase order number.
  • Adjustments to the blanket order may be made via email request to


Payments made to individuals who have provided teaching or lecturer services for the College. SUNY employees (including employees at other SUNY agencies) must be paid via payroll and may NOT be paid via this method.

There are two steps to  request an Honoraria payment:

  • There are two steps to  request an Honoraria payment:

    • Before the engagement, submit a requisition form with the speaker’s name, home address and phone number in the Vendor section of the form, the remainder of the form filled out as any other requisition. Also request a W-9 form and email address so the individual can be entered into the NYS Vendor System. Send Requisition and W-9 to Procurement and Travel to be entered.
    • When the speaker is present, they must complete and sign a Standard Voucher, or provide an invoice. These forms are available here Required information on the form includes:

    If the speaker is being paid travel expenses, as detailed in their services agreement, they should fill out a travel voucher and provide necessary receipts. Please note that vendors being paid an honorarium, will not be reimbursed for meals, their honorarium amount should include that cost.

      1. Name and Home address
      2. Description and date(s) of service provided
      3. Amount of money due for services
      4. Signature of payee
    Please be sure your speaker understands that they will not be paid before, or the day of, their performance. We will enter the payment after the service is confirmed and the standard voucher/invoice is received.


Must be institutional memberships - the Office of the State Comptroller does not allow payment for individual memberships.

  • Over $5,000 require written justification of the benefits to the College.
  • Submit via a purchase requisition, attaching membership documents.


Orders are set up to cover the July 1 – June 30  year of maintenance for your equipment. If a contract is required for the Maintenance Order, the contract must be reviewed and signed by the Vice President for Finance & Administration first. Complete a purchase requisition for the maintenance plan, including the following:

  • Make and description of equipment item(s)
  • Model and Serial number(s)
  • Location where equipment is located
  • Period covered by the Order


Should be pre-paid by the college. Submit requisition as soon as attendance is planned, with the following required information:

  • Location and name of the conference or seminar (include city and state)
  • Dates of the event
  • Name(s) of individual(s) attending, including names of possible alternates
  • Indicate if you have already faxed, mailed or called  in your registration
  • Attach your Registration form
  • If on-line registration is available, call x2699 and make an appointment to come to the Procurement and Travel Office to register. You must bring the signed requisition with you.



  • May ONLY be delivered to a college address
  • Are processed for one year at a time, even if multiple year subscriptions would cost less
  • The College uses EBSCO Subscription Services for the majority of subscriptions
  • For requests for a new subscription, complete Purchase Requisition, with vendor EBSCO, including the following information:
    • Name and title of employee receiving subscription
    • Department/delivery address
    • Name of publication
    • If available, complete and attach subscription notification card


The College Purchasing Office often completes purchase requisitions with VISA procurement cards, so you may order items that only accept payment via credit card.  Indicate this on your requisition. You may also request an order be placed via web-site. Print the items from the web-site you wish to order and attach to your requisition.

The Procurement VISA card may NOT be used for TRAVEL, with the exception of Conference Registration fees. This is a condition of the card, not a guideline established by the campus.

All contracts must be reviewed prior to acceptance. Please forward all contracts with vendor contact information to the Office of Finance and Administration.  Authorized signatories of the College for contracts include only the College President, Vice Presidents, Controller and Assistant Vice President for Administration.

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These guidelines are intended to assist college personnel in determining whether particular types of expenditures are allowable from State* funds. Finance and Administration staff may require written justification for some categories. Please direct any questions regarding this document or items not addressed herein to the Manager of Procurement & Travel (2555). 

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Terri L. Thomas - Manager, Procurement and Travel, x2555

Julie Gray - Payables, x2020 
Cindy Meres - Purchasing and Travel, x3388 
Kristine Palmatier - Purchasing x2699

Fax - (607) 436-3172

Contracts and bids - Elizabeth Tirado, Director of Business Services, x2583 Finance and Administration 200 Netzer

Office Information and Hours

Procurement and Travel Room 218
Netzer Administration Bldg.

Monday – Friday: 8am - 4:30pm

Summer: Monday – Friday: 8am - 4:00pm