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The Procurement and Travel Office is dedicated to providing professional, courteous, and responsive service to the SUNY Oneonta community, while adhering to New York State mandated directives.

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Executive Order 4

Before making any large purchases, reference the full specifications. A brief overview of specifications related to commonly purchased items at SUNY Oneonta are found below. The full specification is linked in the item name. If you have questions or would like support making purchases contact, x3312.

Item Spec

Desktop & Laptop Computers

  • All Desktop, Notebook, and Tablet PCs shall be registered Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Silver or better in the EPEAT registration system and meet or exceed all of the listed 6 optional EPEAT criteria for standard configuration and standard option form factors.
  • Urged to inquire about bulk delivery and innovative packaging when making purchases that reduce packaging waste.
  • When replacing equipment available trade-in options should be evaluated

Single Use Food Service Utensils

Where appropriate and practicable, re-usable food service ware such as metal utensils is always preferable. When washing food service ware is not possible and use of disposable food service ware is unavoidable, compostable food service utensils should be used. Where compostable service utensils are selected, a mechanism for composting should be in use.

Model Packaging Language

When making any large purchase, the purchaser should request packaging and bulk shipment options to limit packaging waste and maximize recycled content.

Reusable Bags

Reusable bags purchased as giveaways must meet specifications in durability and strength, materials used, and print to minimize the environmental impact of this sustainable practice.

State-Funded Food

Food that is eligible for reimbursement while in travel status is encouraged to be purchased from businesses that minimize their environmental impact and have high levels of environmental performance. See restaurants In NYS that meet this criteria

State-Funded Lodging

Lodging that is eligible for reimbursement should prioritize those lodging options that minimize environmental impact and have high levels of environmental performance.

Essential Spending Guidance - Due to the financial impact of COVID-19

Special information regarding Procurement and Travel through June 30, 2021

Purchase Requisition with Justification

The mounting costs of responding to COVID-19 are certain to be unprecedented for the nation, state and our campus. To mitigate the pandemic’s impact on SUNY Oneonta’s finances, the following procurement process will remain in place through June 2021.

See the tabs to the right for more information.

Purchases through June 30, 2021

Limiting Purchases

All purchases will require justification and approval, and will be allowed only to:

  1. 1. Meet essential operating and educational requirements through the end of fiscal year, 6/30/21
  2. 2. Beginning in April of 2021, Prepare for essential operating and educational requirements for the next fiscal year, which will begin July 1, 2021, where a significant ordering lead time is required
  3. 3. Respond further to COVID-19.

Examples of essential operating and educational requirements include contractual obligations, compliance requirements and other critical goods or services to meet operational or educational requirements, where the failure to procure or pay would result in a critical disruption to campus operations or directly disrupt instruction.

Campus Supply Room purchases are not exempt from the criteria listed above. The Supply Room will review requisitions and forward any questions that arise to the Division of Finance and Administration for follow up with the submitting department and appropriate Cabinet-level officer.

Travel through June 30, 2021

Travel will be limited during the 20/21 fiscal year.

In the event travel is desired, the traveler must complete a TRA, with the attached Essential Spending form. Approval through the cabinet level manager must be obtained, before the TRA is submitted to Procurement and Travel for final budget approval. (

Travelers should be aware of any travel restrictions required by any state they are traveling to.

Travelers should keep up to date on any travel restrictions from the Governor's Office. Click the Restricted States tab for the current list of states that will require a 14 day quarantine when a traveler returns to NY.


Terri L. Thomas - Manager, Procurement and Travel, x2555

Kristine Palmatier - Purchasing and Travel, x2699
TBD- Payables, x2020
Kristin Hughes - Payables x3351
Christine Lawson - Purchasing, x2802

Fax - (607) 436-3172

Contracts and bids - Elizabeth Tirado, Director of Business Services, x2583 Finance and Administration 200 Netzer

Office Information and Hours

Procurement and Travel Room 218
Netzer Administration Bldg.

Monday – Friday: 8am - 4:30pm

Summer: Monday – Friday: 8am - 4:00pm

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