Housing Policies

The Residence Hall License contains important information on refunds, fees, policies and prohibited items. All students are responsible for reading the license before completing the Residence Application Form. Additional regulations and policies are outlined in our Code of Student Conduct and Campus Policies booklet.

Residence Hall License
Higgins Hall Alcohol Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for on-campus housing?
Housing selection is done online. The Residence Life Application will be available in the myOneonta Portal in early May. Housing assignments will be posted online and mailed in mid-July.

Are there any non-smoking residence halls?
All 15 of our residence halls non-smoking facilities.

Where do first-year students live?
All freshmen live in First Year Experience (FYE) Program double-style halls: Golding Hall, Littell Hall, Tobey Hall, Wilber Hall, and Hulbert Hall.

Can I decorate the walls in my residence hall room?
Yes, if you have thumbtacks and adhesives that do not damage wall paint. Please do not use sticky tack as an adhesive or any devices that can put holes in the walls. Wall coverage is limited to 20 percent, and ceiling decoration is not permitted.

What is the guest policy?
Students are permitted to have overnight guests with the written permission of roommates and quadmates. Guests must be registered in the main office of the residence hall. See the Residence Hall License for more details.

Can I have a car on campus?
Resident freshmen and sophomores may not register a vehicle for use on campus. More information is available in the Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations.

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